Inspection Issues for Sellers

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There are ways to handle home inspection issues for sellers so both sides win.  While there are times when inspection issues do create insurmountable problems, this is a rare occurrence.  Why is it, then, that so many contracts fail due to home inspection issues? Going On The Market For Sale We start with where it begins – when you put you home on the market for sale.  You’ve removed clutter, staged it,…

Sold at Full Price

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If you’re a homeowner and employ a Realtor to sell your home, you’re going to pay a commission.  Getting the best price is never about the commission.  It’s always about how the listing agent markets the house.  This seller had to wait over 7 months with no sale.  How much did that cost?  More than a commission difference I’ll bet.  Sold at full price doesn’t happen if the marketing is not right.

Don’t Get Upset By A Low Ball Offer

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You put your home on the market for sale. It’s both an exciting and an anxious time. Expectations are running high. The buyer traffic is great. Showings happen several times each week. Then the phone call comes. Your agent has received an offer. You listen in disbelief. The offer is extremely low. Emotions rise immediately – anger, hurt and disgust all at once. This is completely predictable and completely understandable….

Selling Your Home? Getting Your House Ready

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Selling your home?  Getting your house ready is a big part of your success.  Let’s start with condition. You’ve probably heard that it’s a seller’s market because Bergen County homes are in high demand.  While this is true it also misses the point. The only thing that matters is how much you get for your house.  Condition will lift you high or devastate you in any real estate market.  So…