Should I Buy A House Now Or Wait Untill The Market Cools?

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Should I buy a house now or wait until the market cools?  This question is one that I hear every day.  Prices are sky high.  Interest rates are up 1 percent.  The Fed is beginning it’s tapering program in another week.  Rates will rise further.  There will be an inevitable pull back.  Pricing should come down. All of this is why people ask me “Should I buy a house nor…

Data Driven Real Estate Market Analysis

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I thought I should do a data driven real estate market analysis for you.  My previous article, The 2022 Real Estate Market for  Bergen County Homes, was done in a narrative format.  Because of this, I thought those of you who are data driven would appreciate a statistical approach to analyzing the market. Nothing has changed since I wrote my market analysis article on January 6th.  The Senate held confirmation…

Low Rates Now But Not For Long

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The Fed Move Today We have low rates now but not for long.  This is because the Fed is going to begin an aggressive tapering next year.  So while they’ve kept rates low today, rates will surely rise next year.  Chairman Powell said that he expects 3 rate hikes next year.  Inflation is now seen as persistent and as a serious threat to the economy.  This is why the Fed…

Emerging Trends for Bergen County Homes

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Emerging trends for Bergen County homes confirms my earlier suspicions.  While nothing major is happening, it’s  becoming more and more apparent that the market has shifted. To understand what’s happening, let’s go back to what I have in a previous article and look at market data.  I’m going to use 2019 comparative dat because it’s the last normal market we’ve had. The Fed and Rates In a recent article  I…

What Do Higher Rates Mean For You

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What do higher rates mean for you?  Does it even make sense to talk about this now?  After all, while rates sometimes rise, they reduce a few days later. However, change is coming.  Because the future will be different,  I believe the time is now to discuss this. Expect mortgage rates to be higher next year.  Let’s talk about why this will happen and what’s best for you. The Fed,…

You Won’t See A Market Like This Again

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You won’t see a market like this again.  You can bet on it because real estate is based today on extraordinary circumstances.  I believe it’s not going to last long either. What’s so unusual?  The answer is nearly everything.  To say that the real estate market is anything but bizarre is missing the point.  You don’t want to make mistakes now or be left in the dust when it changes….

This Market Is Not Slowing Down

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This market is not slowing down.  While we had a surge of buyers in June and July, this real estate market is strong for fundamental reasons.  Want to know why?  Take a moment to read the article I wrote on this  So where does that leave you?  Let’s start at the beginning The 2020 Spring Market Remember the lock down?  Real estate closed along with the rest of the economy. …