Data Driven Real Estate Market Analysis

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I thought I should do a data driven real estate market analysis for you.  My previous article, The 2022 Real Estate Market for  Bergen County Homes, was done in a narrative format.  Because of this, I thought those of you who are data driven would appreciate a statistical approach to analyzing the market. Nothing has changed since I wrote my market analysis article on January 6th.  The Senate held confirmation…

Where Are Bergen County Homes Now?

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Where are Bergen County homes now?  We’ve just begun the last quarter of the year so it’s time to take a good look. 2021 makes sense because we haven’t had unusual circumstances.  There was no lockdown.  Most of us are vaccinated.  People are more accommodated to Covid.  Many businesses and restaurants have opened up.  A lot has returned to normal as a result. The New Jersey MLS I use data…

The First Half of this Year In Real Estate

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The first half of this year in real estate has been very strong.  We all know this from the media.  It seems every week there’s a report about how homes are selling.  Bergen County homes have been flying but there are some surprising trends. Home buyers and homeowners need to know what’s happening.  So does everyone else because real estate is so important.  It’s still one of the major drivers…

You Won’t See A Market Like This Again

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You won’t see a market like this again.  You can bet on it because real estate is based today on extraordinary circumstances.  I believe it’s not going to last long either. What’s so unusual?  The answer is nearly everything.  To say that the real estate market is anything but bizarre is missing the point.  You don’t want to make mistakes now or be left in the dust when it changes….

Bergen County Through August

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Looking at Bergen County through August tells us two things about the real estate market here.  Most importantly the market has fully recovered.  Also while it seemed at times over heated, we’re moving forward conventionally. New Jersey MLS Sales Using the New Jersey MLS Comparative Report, I can compare one year to another.  Because sales figures are not enough, I also look at under contract figures.  Using both gives you…

How Do You Win In This Real Estate Market?

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How do you win in this real estate market?  It takes more than learning about homes and how to write up an offer.  What’s required is a full preparation.  This is because when you find the house you want, you must act forcefully and immediately. If you read what I wrote in June, you’ll understand why this market is tough for you.  Since then it’s gotten tougher. Large scale NYC…