What Is Attorney Review About?

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What is Attorney Review about?  While I’m not an attorney, I’ll explain it from a real estate agent’s viewpoint.  Only an attorney can fully explain the legalities on this. Because so many home buyers and sellers don’t understand this at all, I thought an agent review would help you.  Again, only an attorney can properly advise and explain this. Buying A Home in New Jersey Buying a home in New…

New Jersey is not New York City

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  New Jersey is not New York City.  Neither is Bergen County NYC.  Because so many of us see it as the same area, mistakes happen.  When this involves your mortgage, results are often disastrous. New Jersey is not New York City Bergen County is in New Jersey.  We’re the northeast corner of NJ immediately across the Hudson river from NYC.  Above Manhattan is Westchester and to our north is…

2019 Free Summer Concerts

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It’s that time of year again.  Summer is here and with it are the 2019 free summer concerts.  Here is a lineup of 2019 free summer concerts for you – Bergen County Bergen County has an amazing assortment of summer activities.  This is titled Music & Movies in the Park with concerts held at Wortendyke Barn Museum (Music in the Barn) in Park Ridge, Overpeck Park Amphitheater in Leonia (Terrific…

A Look At Bergen County

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When you put all of this together with a location that is on top of Manhattan (we’re on the other side of the Hudson River from NYC), it is no wonder that Bergen County is one of the most sought after locations in the New York metropolitan area and that real estate here has always done better in holding its value.

Bergen County Has 6 Major Medical Centers

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Bergen County is the most populous county in New Jersey with an estimated population of 938,506 according to Wikipedia.  It’s also fairly large with 246,671 acres. With nearly 1 million residents and big size, it certainly makes sense that Bergen County has  7 major medical centers. If you were to drive from one extreme end to the other in Bergen County, it would take you about 40 minutes.  6 major…

Bergen County First Quarter House Sales

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Now that we’re through the first quarter of the year, we can take a quick look to see how the real estate market is performing.  Here is what I’ve seen – homes are selling quicker for slightly higher prices than in 2013.  This is impressive because 2013 was a great year for house sales. Using the New Jersey MLS statistical reports comparing 2013 to 2014 through March, here’s what we have…

Diversity is Bergen County

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Diversity is Bergen County.  There is a tremendous mix of different cultures and backgrounds here.  We also have an amazing range of housing styles and price ranges.  Because Bergen County is so diverse, there is something here for everyone.  This is also a major reason why our area is so popular. Diversity is Bergen County for sure but it’s also the way of the world.  Because of this the National Association of…

The NY Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show

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The NY Botanical Garden holiday train show is a New York City tradition. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, there are many special events that happen every December we can all enjoy.  Among them is the Holiday Train Show in in the Bronx.  The NYBG train show runs from November 16th through January 12th and is great for all ages.  What might surprise you is the strong adult interest too. Because of…