Is the $8000 Tax Credit Causing Buyers to Overlook Even Better Short Sale Opportunities?

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There are many homes for sale with steep discounts because they are a short sale and you may find a house that is a better “fit” for you in a short sale than trying to buy a home that you really don’t love just because of the tax credit.

Bergen County Homes Sales Data from the New Jersey MLS

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You need Bergen County homes sales data from the New Jersey MLS so you’re on top of the market. The New Jersey MLS is the primary multiple listing service for all of Bergen County. They do a simply outstanding job in so many ways. There is comprehensive information on homes for sale as well as statistics on all aspects of the market. The sales data shows an improving market for…

The Absorption Rate and 1004MC Appraisal Report

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When people decide to buy a home they naturally start to look at the real estate market, do some number crunching and find statistics which explain the market trends. Lately, a statistic on homes that’s been quite popular is the absorption rate. Absorption rates simply put tell you how long it will take to sell off the existing inventory of homes. This shows you how properties are selling; it’s measured…

Adopt A Dog – Say Hi to Elton

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Adopt a dog.  Say Hi to Elton! Begen County is filled with families and children. There are many great facilities for kids which I’ll be talking about but I also want to feature some of the pets waiting for adoption here because we have many pet facilities where you can get a great pet. Very often after a family moves into their new home, they get a pet and that…

Bergen County Real Estate – How’s the 1st quarter looking?

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The figures are in and the real estate market in Bergen County is doing OK.  It’s still a buyer’s market for homes but you can see some signs of improvement with Bergen County real estate. In January I had written that the real estate market in Bergen County would shift during the 4th quarter of 2009 and stabilize.  From then on for a few years we would be working in…

New Jersey Home Buyer Profile – Who’s Buying and Why

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The New Jersey Association of Realtors publishes a report every year on the characteristics of people who buy and sell homes in New Jersey.  The National Association of Realtors has it’s own buyer and seller profile but naturally that’s on a national scale.  I prefer the New Jersey Home Buyer Profile report because it focuses on our State. New Jersey Home Buyer Profile There are some very interesting facts in…

Tube, Ski and Snowboard at Campgaw Mountain in Bergen County

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The closest winter sports facility to New York City is right here in Bergen County at Campgaw Mountain Reservation.  Only 18 miles from the George Washington Bridge, Campgaw is run by the Bergen County Department of Parks and has it all – you can ski, snowboard and tube down the mountain day and night. There’s all sorts of fun here and it’s also a learning center with group and private lessons…

My Take on the Sub Prime Mortgage Mess

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I’m not an economist – I’m just a real estate agent.  But, as opposed to what some of my friends will tell you, I am not crazy and I have a lot of common sense.  This is why what has happened makes no sense at all to me.  If only people had behaved responsibly there would be no sub prime mortgage mess. It all starts with the mortgage.  If you…

The State of the Real Estate Market

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Although it’s very early in the year we can still get an idea of the real estate market.  Here is what I’ve found: The spring market for real estate in Bergen County arrived in February.  We’ve noticed an increase in the number of buyer inquiries and in the number of people coming out on weekends to look at homes on Sunday afternoons which is pretty much what we expect every…