• You can’t close without a New Jersey licensed attorney
  • Make sure a large part of his/her practice is residential sales
  • Attorney fees are no indication of the service you get –
    • Low cost attorneys often outsource their work overseas or to a title company
  • Rapport over the phone is essential
    • Often you don’t meet your attorney face to face until the closing

Listing Agent

  • In selecting a listing agent, only consider a full time professional.
  • Marketing is crucial – what will your agent do to get you the best value?
  • Rapport is essential – the agent must understand your needs; you become a team.
  • Reject the highest price and lowest commission
    • That’s not how you market a home successfully. You want an agent with integrity.


  • Too many sellers make the same mistake – they price their home above market.
  • Over priced homes don’t sell. They get reduced, again, and again and again.
  • When you finally reach a price that sells, your home sells for less than it should.
  • So who wins? Not you. Don’t over price.

Pre-Listing Inspection

  • Hire a home inspector to check out your house before it’s listed in the MLS
  • Any issues uncovered can be fixed now
    • Home inspectors tend to give buyers more costly and upsetting advice

Preparing the House

  1. De-clutter
  2. Enhance your curb appeal
  3. Stage your home
  4. Clean up the yard, exterior

Get professional advice – start with your agent before you hire a stager or embark on costly projects.

Open Permits

  • You can’t sell a house with open permits
  • Check on this as soon as you list your home
  • Call your Building Department on it
  • Open permits are a common problem

Home Warranty

  • This can add a lot of value and assurance to a buyer
  • It can mitigate buyer deductions due to inspection findings on appliances, age of furnace etc.

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