Planning a cross country move? Do you have a job transfer? Is it time to retire out of the area? Want to take advantage of an out of town business opportunity? Have you always dreamed about a flat in London? Or do you just want a change?

No matter your reason and destination, I can answer your needs. As a former military wife and as someone who had to make several career related moves, I know what it’s like to be uprooted on a moment’s notice or to leave a place I’ve come to call home. Making a move out of your area can be challenging. My personal experience, professional background and international networks give me a special ability to make this a fun and stress free event for you.

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Corporate Relocation

You have just been told that you are moving halfway across the US or to another country. While this is exciting professionally, the stress of uprooting yourself and your family can be quite overwhelming. Often there is not much time before the move. You may be in a hotel at your new location while your children are finishing up the school year in your old home.

I’ve been working with corporate relocation clients for over 25 years and this has taught me that your needs are uniquely special. It is important that both the real estate company and the agent you choose understand this and have the deep resources required to make your transition a success. What I can offer you is not only my years of experience and training in corporate relocation but also the fabulous resources of one of the world’s largest relocation companies. Weichert has a new name for its relocation division. It’s now Weichert Workforce Mobility

For over 50 years, Weichert has been a dominant player in corporate relocation. From individual corporate moves to the planning and execution of one of the largest corporate moves in the New York City metropolitan area (for a Fortune 500 member), Weichert Workforce Mobility offers a range of services and support that are unmatched and truly global in scale. Despite its vast resourced and global reach, as a corporate transferee you will experience the ultimate in personalized service from our highly dedicated staff and trained sales associates. I consider Weichert Workforce Mobility as a strong partner in ensuring that my corporate relocation clients achieve a seamless transition to their new assignment.

Personal Moves

Are the kids gone and it’s now time for you? Have you always wanted to be in the country or to go back to the city? Would you love to get a place by the beach or in the mountains? Are you tired of hotels at the ski lodge? Want to move near the kids? Or are you trying to figure out where to retire?

No matter the reason, moving for personal reasons is just as important as having your boss tell you the new job is yours but its 1,000 miles away. There are 2 significant differences – choice and time. It’s your decision to make the move or not and you usually have time to research things fully.

Some people do this quickly and others take years; either way, I can coordinate it all for you in a relaxed way. Your move is unique and everything has to be tailored to your needs and desires. Making a personal move can be the most fun of all – it’s an exciting adventure that opens more doors than you’d think.

Whether you’re moving out of Bergen County or into it, let’s talk about all your options and take things at the pace you set. I’m here to give you all the information and guidance you need. Start the conversation today by telling me what you’re considering:

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