New York City is only 1 mile across the Hudson River on the George Washington Bridge.  No matter where you are in Bergen County, Manhattan is no more than a half hour’s drive without traffic.

Because we are so close to NYC, a lot of us commute to work in The Big Apple.  In fact, the NYC commute is often the #1 concern of home buyers.

While Covid changed things, New York City is opening up.  As a result, the currently reduced commuting schedules will soon be back to pre-pandemic levels.

Take a look at this map.  It shows how close we are to Manhattan:

Commuting options depend on your location.  Most Bergen County residents use the Turnpike Express bus or train.  Those who live along the eastern edge use the ferry.  There’s a jitney bus along Route 4 plus HIP (private bus company).  Here are their websites:


Jitney buses are another private bus service to Manhattan in NYC.  They travel on Route 4 back and forth from the George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal.  You can take subways downtown once you’re in this Upper West Side terminal.


HIP – a new venture in Bergen County.  It’s starting out in northeast Bergen and, like everything else, was affected by the pandemic.  However, this is an expanding private service that’s been quite popular.