Bergen County NJ Schools

Bergen County has a well deserved reputation for outstanding public schools. In fact our school districts are a major reason why Bergen County homes are so prized. School is important to Bergen County residents and we support our local schools with strong parent and community involvement. There’s plenty of school information below but if you have any questions just contact me.

New Jersey School Performance Report

Since 1995, New Jersey has published extensive data on all of its public school districts. The easiest way to navigate this site is to choose County/District and click on Bergen for an alphabetical list of all Bergen County schools.

Bergen County Technical Schools & Special Services

Bergen County has a comprehensive educational system that includes the intensely competitive award winning Bergen Academies and various vocational trade schools.

Local School Links

Here are the websites posted by individual districts. Where there is a regionalized high school system, I’ve noted it for you. Not all school districts have a website but if they do, you’ll find it here.