Stop Renting and Start Investing

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Stop renting and start investing is more than a cliche.  It’s smart money management especially if you have a low budget.  Why?  Because you’ll be paying yourself instead of someone else. What Do Tenants Want Since this will be a long term investment, it’s important to choose with a tenant in mind.  It should rent quickly because you don’t want months of vacancy in between tenants.  Additionally, easy to maintain…

2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent

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I have a 2 bedroom apartment for rent in Englewood NJ for $1,875 per month.  It’s located at 373 Knickerbocker Road in between Ivy Lane and Hudson Avenue.  This is the Manor Area of Englewood – the most prized location on the west side of town.  Let’s take a look at this apartment: 373 Knickerbocker Road 373 Knickerbocker Road is a top/bottom 2 family house.  This is a 2nd floor…

Bergen County Real Estate Market Update March 25th

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Here is the Bergen County Real Estate Market Update as of March 25th.  I’ll begin with the basics below. Next is how things changed in early  March, data from the New Jersey MLS, what it tells us and how Weichert and I have approached things for decades.     Basic Market Behavior Currently People are listing homes People are buying homes Rentals are moving at a good clip Drive By…

Renting in Bergen County

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Renting in Bergen County can be done in several ways.  Let’s explore them now – Privately There are various ways to rent an apartment or a home or a condo privately.  You might know someone who has a property to rent or a friend of a friend. has a classified section of rental listings.  While a lot of the ads are from Realtors some are also directly from the…

Tenant Screening Begins With The Listing

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Why Tenant Screening Is Important Tenant screening is the critical component of a positive rental experience for landlords.  Both experienced and new landlords make mistakes with this every day. The result is a negative experience that can often end up in court.  If you own an investment property you must screen potential tenants carefully.  Consider this – you are allowing a stranger to use your property.  You want that property…

Townhouse for Rent in Cliffside Park NJ

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There is a strong demand for these side by side duplex houses.  As a result, builders are constantly constructing them.  What’s great about these townhouses is that they provide what a lot of people here want:  The space and feel of a single family home without the maintenance needs of a large yard.