Is A Great Website

Posted by & filed under Buying, Homeowner Tips, Selling. was a new website when I wrote a blog article about it in 2010.  Since then it has become an extremely popular resource for home owners as well as home buyers and sellers.  It has grown and evolved over the years to answer consumer feedback. Your Money My original article on House Logic  explained that this website is more than just instructions on how to paint a room.  It’s…

Before You Knock Down That Wall

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Before you knock down that wall take a minute to think about the result.  Especially with older homes.  You might be making a huge and costly mistake.

Need a new roof or siding? Be Very Careful

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Need a new roof or siding this year?  Be very careful because you are no longer protected. What Happened & Why March 2018 is when the Department of Consumer Affairs “declassified” a lot of home improvements.  As a result, permits are no longer required for a host of expensive, big ticket items like putting on a new roof or siding a house.  Also included are installing alarm systems, outdoor irrigation, chimney…

Lead In Drinking Water In Bergen County

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Lead in drinking water in Bergen County and northern Hudson County has been found by Suez Water.  Because I’ve been asked about this lately, I thought writing an article would be helpful. Suez Water Suez Water is the water utility company servicing almost all of Bergen County and northern Hudson County.  On January 16th they published their findings in an article on their website and at a public press conference.  They tested…

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Why This Is Important It is so important to improve your home’s curb appeal when selling your house.  The moment your home comes into view it must sparkle in a home buyer’s eye.  I wrote an article recently on the importance of front doors.  In it I explain what happens when your front door has no zip.  Because curb appeal is so important, I’m following that article up with one…

How To Do A Tax Appeal

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How To Do A Tax Appeal It’s tax appeal season.  How to do a tax appeal is what this article is about so let’s begin. Every year from January 1st through March 31st Bergen County property owners can file an appeal of their property tax assessment.  You can only appeal the assessment; you can’t appeal the property tax. Property taxes are calculated by multiplying the assessment by the tax rate. …

Get Your House Ready For Winter Now

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It’s fall in Bergen County.  One day it’s cool, one day it’s warm as we move toward winter. Trees are ablaze with color as leaves swirl in the wind while they tumble to the ground.  This is one of the most beautiful times of the year.  Sunlight takes on a special glow as the days grow noticeably shorter.  Because this is such a bucolic season, we often forget to get your house ready for…