You can’t close on a home without a New Jersey licensed attorney
• Only use an attorney who has a large practice in residential sales
• Use a local attorney – different areas have different issues
• Make sure your attorney will read all documents (especially title work)
• Discount attorneys often outsource their work overseas or elsewhere
• Rapport over the phone is essential – often you don’t meet until the closing

The bottom line is that you want an excellent local attorney who specializes in residential real estate has no agenda other than what’s best for you.

Mortgage Banker

  • Only a licensed mortgage banker
  • Only a mortgage banker who has direct access to loan processing
  • A mortgage banker who spends time with you to –
    • Explore several different financing options
    • Teach you the entire mortgage/closing process
  • A mortgage banker who will provide a closing cost worksheet
  • A mortgage banker who is accessible beyond normal business hours

Please Note:
Shopping for rates is fruitless. Your rate is determined weeks away when you receive your commitment and mortgage rates can be different then. The true cost of a loan is found in the closing cost worksheet; that’s how you compare banks. A professional and ethical banker will provide this.

Home Inspector

  • Only NJ licensed inspectors are allowed to do home inspections
  • Cost is no indication of ability – ask for references
  • You may need other inspectors as indicated (tank sweep, chimney, etc)

Real Estate Agent

  • Rapport is key – communication between you and your agent is everything
  • Only a full time professional
  • Is responsive and uses technology
  • Accessible beyond normal business hours
  • Experienced and knowledgeable of the local market, inventory, issues etc.
  • Will spend the time to fully educate you on all aspects of the home buying process
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