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Englewood is having a sidewalk sale


Englewood is having a sidewalk sale this week.  It starts this Thursday, July 29th. and runs through Saturday the 31st.  Hours are 10 am to 5 pm.  This is one of Bergen County’s major sidewalk sales.  The entire Business District is participating.  You absolutely want to come because bargains are always fabulous.

This is big.  There isn’t one street missing.  Take a look at this list:  East & West Palisade Avenue, North & South Van Brunt Street, North & South Dean Street, Park Place and Grand Avenue.  Shops all along these streets will have tremendous bargains for sale.

What’s For Sale

englewood is having a sidewalk sale

There’s a wide variety of goods for sale. The City of Englewood has a business district filled with boutique stores that sell   everything from clothes to spa oils.  You’ll find women’s clothes and

shoes, of course, jewelry, healthfood store goods, children’s clothes, toys, gifts rIt’s always a lot of fun to just go up and down the streets poking around.  You’ll also see a large assortment of restaurants.  Plan on having lunch or dinner there.  Some of Bergen County’s best are in Englewood.

 Aladdin at Bergen PAC

Here’s another idea for you – go to the Englewood street fair on Saturday and then see Aladdin In Concert at Bergen Pac.  Tickets are only $25   You can order them online up until 3 pm on Thursday, the 29th, and you can also buy them at the door.  After the concert, then go to one of Englewood’s great restaurant for a fun filled day and night.

aladdinComing Up Next Month

While Englewood is having a sidewalk sale this week there’s also several events coming up soon in August.  Crafts, art and antiques are on display along with a Church Feast.  Street fairs get going again in September.  I’ll keep you up to date with all of this.

Maybe I’ll bump into you late tomorrow at the Englewood street fair.  I’ll be there late in the late afternoon because I have a listing appointment in the morning and I’m showing a customer condos mid-day.






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this week in bergen countyThis week in Bergen County is really nothng new but that doesn’t mean nothing’s going on.  It’s just that a lot of people are away now.  Once we get further into August and families have to get ready for school, more folks are back.  This is why I’ve explained previously that right now it’s a continuation of ongoing events.

Let’s start with a fun topic – a really big flea market.  It’s the Meadowlands Market held every weekend.  Parking and admission are free.  Grab some food while you walk through all those aisles filled with anything you can imagine.  Flea markets are always fun.

 Free Outdoor Concerts

Tenafly continues it’s outdoor summer concerts at Huyler Park in the downtown business district.  Concerts are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 7:30 pm.

HACPAC has a lot going on this weekend in outdoor events.  Sunset Yoga is tonight at 6 and 7:30 pm.  Wednesday night is Shakespeare’s 12th night at 7:30 pm and Thursday is a screening of Jumanji.  Alternate Groove is the band for an outdoor concert on Friday night.  Click on this link for more details and directions.

Here are some other free outdoor concerts:  In addition to Tenafly, Tuesday night has free concerts in Hackensack On The Green across from the County Courthouse at 7:30 and in Ridgewood (Jazz music) at 8:30 at Veteran’s Field.  Wednesday night is Jazz Under the Stars at the Englewood Public Library, The Infernos play at the Overpeck Park Amphitheater (both 7:30) and Lee Burgos is at Edgewater’s Veterans Memorial Field (7 pm).  Friday night is NJ Wind Symphony in Oradell’s Hague Park at 6:30 and Saturday it’s 4 pm at Teaneck’s Votee Park for another concert.

Saturday has two 4 pm concerts at Votee Park in Teaneck and the Overpeck Park Amphitheater.  As you can see, there’s a lot of free outdoor concerts going on.

Drive In Movie Nights

Thursday is The Breakast Club from the Demarest Farms Drive in Movie series.  plus The Incredibles on Friday night too.  Scoob! is the Friday night movie at Van Saun Park around 8:30 pm.  It starts at sunset so plan on being there a little early just in case it gets dark quicker.  Bring a chair or blanket to this too.  Van Saun has free movie nights every Friday this summer.

Bergen County has a very full schedule of events this summer.  Check it out for the rest of the summer as well as this week.

Special events for the rest of the summer are pretty much a continuation of ongoing programs as you can see.  So that’s it for this week in Bergen County.  August brings some local town street fairs.  These are a lot of fun too.  Local shops put things out on sale, often there are several food vendors plus live music.  Additionally there will be people who reserve table space to sell everything from antiques to socks.  I’ll let you know about street fairs next week.

It’s time to relax and enjoy the summer weather.  Get yourself some fresh local produce too!  New Jersey peaches are famous and have you tasted our strawberries, blueberries or watermelons?  Cherries are so plentiful that they’re on sale along with our beefsteak tomatoes.  We are indeed the Garden State!

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coming up this week in bergen countyComing up this week in Bergen County we have the following:  A free meditation session, outdoor concerts, a drive in movie, flea market, Shakespeare and a walking tour of historic New Bridge Landing.  Because things wind down  beginning in mid July, I also want to add some special places for you.

This week I’d like to tell you about our horseback riding opportunities.  The Bergen County Parks Department has 2 facilities and we have private horse riding stables as well.

Graf Center for Integrative Medicine

The Graf Center for Integrative Medicine has reopened.  Closed because of the pandemic, this holistic medicine facility is a welcome addtion to the wellness options here.  You find acupuncture to meditation and so much more in between.

They are offering free online vitual sessions through Facebook Live.  Why not try it?  This Wednesday, July 21st at 10 am is the date.  Go to their website to sign up.  You will learn how to truly unwind and relax for better health.  graf center for integrative medicine

Free Outdoor Concerts

There are 2 free outdoor concerts coming up in Bergen County this week.  Country music by Skeeter Pants is what you’ll hear Friday night at 7 pm.  This is part of the Hackensack Performing Arts Center summer concert series.  So bring a chair or blanket and enjoy the music.

The New Jersey Wind Symphony is really busy giving concerts this summer.  Their next one is Satuday night at Van Saun Park begining at 6:30 pm.  I just wrote a blog article on all the things you can do in Van Saun Park.  So once you’re done playing in the park, grab a blanket, have a seat and enjoy the concert.

Hackensack Tonight

Tonight at 7:30 there is a concert by Eagelmania On The Green in Hackensack.  This is located across from the County Court House.  Hackensack has so much going on that it’s a good idea to go to the events section of their website.

Apollo 13 Drive in Movie

Demarest Farms began a series of drive in movies last summer at the height of the pandemic.  Because this was so popular, they brought it back again this summer.  So take the family out Friday night to Demarest Farms to see Apollo 13 at 8:30 pm.  You purchase your tickets online.

Historic New Bridge Landing

History buffs are bound to come out to Historic New Bridge Landing this Sunday.  The Bergen County Historical Society is having a walking tour there starting at 2 pm.  Tickets for adults are $12 and students pay $7.  Historical Society members don’t pay anything.  Tickets are ordered online.  New Bridge Landing is part of our Revolution and all of their walking tours are absolutely fascinating.

Shakespeare in the Park

Here’s something really special!  Bergen PAC’s Black Box Theater is performing Shakespeare plays every weekend in July and August.  All performances begin at 8 pm at the Overpeck Park Amphitheater.  July is Friday-Sunday while August is Thursday-Sunday.  They are performing As You Like It and Hamlet.  This is an amazing opportunity to see 2 of Shakespeare’s greatest plays for free.

So this is what’s coming up in Bergen County this week.  Now let’s explore horseback riding.

Bergen Equestrian Bergen County Department of Parks and Recreation

Bergen County actually has 2 different horse riding facilities.  There is the Bergen Equestrian Center located in Teaneck at Overpeck Park.  This world class facility is big (they can handle 75 horses) and open 12 months of the year.  Offering both lessons and boarding, they also have a strong progam for children.

The other County supported facility is Saddle Ridge Riding Center in Franklin Lakes.  This is another large facility that also has teaching programs for both adults and children.  They offer horse leasing which allows you a special opportunity to bond with 1 horse.  Additionally, they are active in shows.

Our private facilities all made it through the pandemic and are thriving.  As a result, the article I wrote a few years ago on horseback riding in Bergen County is still accurate.  There are 2 more equestrian centers, 1 horse therapy center and a tack shop.  As a result, Bergen County has 4 excellent facilities and a 5th focused on therapy.  Be sure to read my article on this.

So this is what’s coming up this week in Bergen County.  We have everything from concerts to Shakespeare in the Park plus something you might not have expected next to New York City – horseback riding.




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Van Saun Park CarouselVan Saun Park in Paramus NJ is truly a Bergen County Jewel.  This County Park seems to get better every year.  It has everything from walking along a pond to a small but very cool zoo.  In between there is so much more.  Picnic tables, ball fields, tennis courts, a big playground for children, dog park, pony rides, historic walking path and even a train ride.

Because Van Saun Park is filled with so much, we’re going to take all of this one at a time.  Let’s begin with the park itself.

Location & Basic Facts

Van Saun Park is 146 acres so it’s big.  It’s centrally located in Paramus with 2 entrances – one off of Forest Ave just above Howland Ave (be careful to stay in the right lane because the entrance is poorly marked) and the other off Contnental Ave immediately west of Dartmouth Court.

Go to the map of the park to see where everything is located.  You’ll notice that there’s plenty of parking.  No matter where you park, from one end to the other it’s not more than a 20 minute walk.  Parking and the recreational areas are mostly free.

Throughout the park are picnic tables, barbecue areas and just nice places for a walk.


The children’s playground is quite extensive.  There are all sorts of things to challenge a child from toddlers to older kids.  Extremely well designed, this playground runs the gammet from swings to climbing towers.  Van Saun Park Playground

No matter the age, there is something here for a child.  They even have an ADA approved handicapped section at the north east corner of the playground.

As a result, handicapped children have an appropriate setting that’s part of the non-handicapped activities.  Isn’t that great? This is Harmony Playground and it has elevated sprinklers so wheelchair bound kids can have some very special fun.

Don’t forget to bring water because I’m not sure that public fountains are allowed due to Covid restrictions.  You can also call the Bergen County Department of Parks at 201-336-7275 to check on this.  They ask that social distancing be observed (I really don’t know how this will happen with children in a playground) and outdoors masks are not required.

Pony Rides

pony ridePony rides are now back and the children are delighted.  This is not an adult ride.  Because of safety for pony, there is a weight limit of 90 pounds.  Also, to give the ponies a rest, there’s a break mid day.

This was a rather touch and go situation a few years ago.  A big thank you goes to The Friends of the Bergen County Zoo for bringing the pony rides back for good.  For all the details and how to order tickets, just go to the Pony Rides section on their website.  Pony rides are across from the soccer field.

Miniature Train RideVan Saun Park Miniature TrainTrain Ride

This has to be one of the most popular park attractions.  Imagine the fun it is for the younger set and adults enjoy it too. The miniature train ride is open daily from Memorial Day through Labor Day Weekend.  While they say it runs from 10 – 5,  I wouldn’t get there past 4:30 pm to be safe.

It still runs after Labor Day and before Memorial Day but at a reduced schedule.  To be safe at these times, call ahead since a lot of the staff (college students) are gone in the off peak season.  Tickets are only $2 per person.  This is located next to the zoo. Admittedly this picture I took isn’t great but it gives you an idea of what to expect.  Van Saun Park’s miniature train ride is fun!

Old Fashioned Carousel

Here’s another very popular attraction – the Millenium Carousel.  Tickets are $2 per person and like the train, this operates daily during the peak season with 1 exception.  It’s closed on Tuesday mornings for weekly maintenance.  You’ll find the carousel in between the tennis courts and the playground.

Dog Park

Dogs and their owners had a happy surprise about 3 years ago.  Van Saun Park added a dog park.  There is a big dog and a small dog section.  You need to bring water and waste bags.  The ground is gravel and there are a few places to sit.  However, whenever I brought my dog, Mickey, here I wasn’t really sitting much at all.  Dog parks are also social gatherings for people too.  You’ll find the dog park next to Parking Lot P4.

bergen county zoo bisonBergen County Zoological Park (aka Bergen County Zoo)

The Bergen County Zoo has an impressive variety of animals.  This is one of the highlights of Van Saun Park.  It has a sliding scale of ticket prices that you purchase at the zoo entrance.  The most adults pay is $4 for residents and $8 for non residents.

The zoo grows every year in the number of animals it displays and in the programs it has.  Even past Labor Day you’ll find an exciting event:  The zoo transforms itself into a spooky Halloween adventure which sells out quickly.

You can visit the zoo daily from May through October when it’s open 10-5.  Get there by 4 at the latest so you have enough time to enjoy it.  The rest of thebergen county zoo aardvark year admission is free.  I’d call ahead to be sure once the weather turns wintry and to check on hours.  For a list of animals, go to the article on the zoo.

There are a few other things to mention but these are truly the highlights for a daily visit to Van Saun Park.  This is also a great walking park plus you’ll see people just hanging out, having a barbecue, playing soccer or badminton or board games.  This park is always busy no matter the time of year.  It’s not hard to see why I call this a Bergen County Jewel.


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Hello SummerHello summer! Summer is here and people are out.  While spring was unusually cold, summer weather is back and this means outdoor fun.

Because summer is a big vacation time, once you get into mid July special events become less and less.  There’s still plenty to do here in Bergen County.  It’s just that so many of us head out for our annual vacation.  As a result, there’s just a whole lot of us missing until September.

Because of this, I’ll start to focus on the major attractions of Bergen County.  You’ll find that there is a lot going on here.  We still have several events every week.  This week we do have a major event coming up.  It’s  the return of a beloved Church Feast and a nightly live band concert.

Our Lady of Mt Carmel Feast

Our Lady of Mt Carmel is bringing back is beloved Church Feast this week.  From Wednesday through Saturday (July 14th – 17th) you can enjoy one of the major Church Feasts of Bergen County.  Since it’s such a big feast, it’s held it at the Lyndhurst Town Park (299 Delafield Ave).  I can tell you that it’s a lot of fun with amazing Italian food and pastries..  From sausage & peppers to zeppoles, it’s all delicious.  Rides of course, games naturally and a Super 50/50 Raffle are all part of the fun. Italian food and pastries

The Super 50/50 Raffle is a major item.  Tickets ($5) are sold every day and the drawing is at the end on Saturday night.  According to the Church, the last raffle winner got just over $24,000.  Feast hours are 6-10 Wednesday through Friday and 5-10 Saturday.

Music Under The Stars

I bet you thought a major feast was enough fun.  Well there’s also a free concert series where you can have fun dancing too.  Music Under The Stars runs at the same time every evening.  There’s 2 concerts nightly at 7 and 9 pm.  You can dance the night away or just enjoy the music.  Lyndhurst has a brochure with all the details.

So this is our major event for this week.  There are plenty of other concerts too. The Tenafly Summer Concert Series has live music on Tuesdays and Thursdays through most of August.  Bergen County has concerts all summer and movies in the park at Overpeck and Van Saun Parks.  

Hello Summer!

So hello summer in Bergen County!  As you can see, there’s a lot going on.  I’m going to send out another post this week just on Van Saun Park.  You will be very impressed with how much and how varied are the attractions at Van Saun Park.  Back to you on this in a few days.

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bergen county playersLive theater is back in Bergen County starting this coming Sunday night.  I don’t usually do 3 articles in 1 week.  Because this starts Sunday night, I need to let you know now.

Bergen County Players is doing 3 outdoor productions for free with the cooperation of Oradell and Westwood.  This is such fabulous news.

The Schedule of Plays

We haven’t had live theater since the pandemic shut down in March of last year.  It’s so great to see Bergen County Players putting on productions again.  All 3 are on Sunday nights.  Here’s the schedule:

  1. Love Letters on July 11th at the Westwood Bandstand
  2. Let Us Entertain You on July 25th at Oradell’s Memorial Park
  3. Blast From the Past: Songs of the 50’s & 60’s at Oradell’s Memorial Park

Please be sure to register for Love Letters.  They need to know how many people are coming to this free event.  Also, don’t forget to bring a chair or blanket with you too.

Bergen County Players

I’ve written about Bergen County Players before.  It’s so nice that live theater is back in Bergen County.  It’s even nicer to know that Bergen County Players (aka BCP) is re-opening this November.

There are several theater groups here.  Because they are so good, their productions are well attended.  BCP has amazing productions.  I’ve been to many of them andd not one has been disappointing.  In addition to dramas and musicals for adults, they also have plays for children.

I took my niece and her then 5 year old daughter to Jack and the Beanstalk.  It was so much fun.  The theater was, of course, filled with children.  The kids were mesmerized with what was happening.  After the show, the entire cast came out in costume to greet the children.  Can you imagine how excited they were?

BCP is located in an old fire house.  A few years ago they redid the place installing better lighting, new seats and a better sound system.  It’s a very intimate experience because it’s not a big theater.  However, it’s a very cool setting.

Live Theater Is Back in Bergen County

Live theater is back in Bergen County and that’s great.  We love our theater groups.  BCP is very possibly the best.  All of them  put on terrific productions.  We also had a children’s theater group too which I’m hoping will return.  Why do we love our local theater groups?  Because you can have a wonderful night out that’s affordable and easy.

Consider this:  It costs around $60 to drive to Broadway and park near the theater.  You can go out to a nice local restaurant and see a show at BCP for that much.

So go register for Love Letters now.  Enjoy a free night out at the theater this Sunday.  Make it a great night out by having dinner at one of Westwood’s highly rated restaurants too.  Need a recommendation?  Call me (201-741-8490).

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the first half of the yearThe first half of this year in real estate has been very strong.  We all know this from the media.  It seems every week there’s a report about how homes are selling.  Bergen County homes have been flying but there are some surprising trends.

Home buyers and homeowners need to know what’s happening.  So does everyone else because real estate is so important.  It’s still one of the major drivers of our economy.

Think about this for a moment.  What happens when a home is sold?  People often buy paint, appliances, curtains, furniture, tools to hang pictures, etc.  There’s a lot of stuff that goes into a house sale too.

Banks, home inspectors, termite inspectors, tank sweep inspectors, appraisers, title compaies, insurance, attorneys, Realtors are all involved.  As a result, every time a house, condo or co-op is sold, people are employed and items are bought.  Because of all this, real estate is a key part of our economy.

The First Half of this Year

Last year nearly 8,000 single family homes were sold in Bergen County.  The New Jersey MLS has it at 7,836.  The first half of this year in Bergen County has 3,870.  While this is impressive because we still have major closing months ahead, look at the under contract figures.

This is even more impressive.  2021 has 9,403 to 2020’s 7,933.  Remember what happened in 2020?  We closed the economy for nearly 2 months.  It was 2 months for Bergen County homes.  In spite of that, we had a good showing. at 7,933.  Additionally, the average price a house went under contract at rose by a whopping 17%.

Let’s compare 2021 to 2019 since there was no lockdown in 2019.  Here we see 2019 having 8,583 homes under contract.  The gap is a lot smaller here but the price increase since then is 23%.  Since we’re 17% ahead of last year in pricing, the rise in 2019 was a lot more moderate.  Either way, this has been a great time to sell your home.

Condos, Co-ops and Townhouses

Condos, co-ops and townhouses are put together as one group in the NJMLS data.  While I wish this was split up, we still can see trends.

This group hasn’t performed as well although it’s been good.  Sales this year are way ahead of 2020 at 3,022 compared to 1,807.  The average sales price rose 7%.  Under contracts for this period are up 9% – so far we have 3,571 this year and 2,231 last year.

Comparing 2019 to 2021 shows a 10% appreciation and 818 more sales (2,204 to 3,022 this year).  While this is strong performace, it’s significantly less than single family houses.

How The Pandemic Influences Bergen County Real Estate

While it’s true that single family homes always outperform condos, co-ops and townhouses, the gap is more than I’d normally expect.  I believe that this is due to the pandemic.

Because we are next to New York City, what happens there is felt here.  2019 had people streaming out of Manhattan to find space, quiet and a backyard.  Being trapped in a NYC apartment with children was more than parents could handle while trying to work.  Moreover, working remotely made living in the city irrelevant.  You didn’t have to be close to the office.  Other urban areas were likewise impacted although without the safety issues of Manhattan.

2021 continues this trend in many ways.  New York City is even more dangerous.  Remote working has companies reducing office space or moving to the suburbs.  When companies open fully, a great many workers will no longer commute 5 days each week.  Home office space is not a luxury because it’s now a necessity. Most condos, co-ops and townhouses aren’t set up for this.  What’s happened is that an ongoing trend has accelerated tremendously.  As a result, office space has become much less valuable.

It’s not that these properties aren’t doing well.  It’s just that the gap in performance has widened.  There will always be a strong demand for a Bergen County condo, co-op or townhouse.  Always popular, they have a lot to offer and at prices New Yorkers perceive as discounted.  Having a condo apartment with a knock your socks off NYC skyline view will always be worth a lot.  It’s just that as we are adjusting to our new normal, single family homes will, for a time, outperform more than in the past.

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What’s happening in Bergen County this week and weekend is quite a lot to reportWe have golf course openings, a baseball game, movie night, concerts and another food truck festival..  We have golf course openings, a baseball game, movie night, concerts and another food truck festival.

Englewood 4th of July Celebration  NOTE:  DUE TO STORMS CANCELED YET AGAIN

Let’s start with Englewood’s 4th of July celebration.  This annual event is held on the Dwight Morrow High School front lawn.  Because it’s so popular, you need a space that big for all the people who come.  Since it was rained out last week, it was rescheduled for this Tuesday night.  However weather is not cooperating so it’s been canceled and will again be rescheduled.  I’ll let you know when they set a date.

Bergen County Golf

Until now our Bergen County golf courses were open on a limited schedule.  That’s just now changed to a full schedule. Here are the operating schedules for all Bergen County public golf courses:

  1. Darlington is open daily 6:30 am to 6:30 pm except Tuesday which is 9am to 5 pm
  2. Orchard Hills is open Tuesday through Sunday from 6:30 am to 5 pm
  3. Overpeck is open daily from 6:30 am to 7 pm golf bergen county
  4. Rockleigh is open daily from 6:30 am to 7 pm
  5. Soldier Hill is open Tuesday through Sunday from 6:30 am to 6 pm
  6. Valley Brook is open daily from 6:30 am to 6 pm

Additionally, you are advised to call the Bergen County Golf info line at 201-336-7280 for up to the minute news before driving over to a range.

Tenafly Summer Concert Series

The Tenafly Concert Series is back starting this Tuesday, July 6th, at 7 pm.  Every week through August on Tuesdays and Thursdays there will be a different concert in Huyler Park right in the downtown business district.  Since it’s inception several years ago, this has become so popular that it brings out people from all over.  While working in my office across the way, I’ve really enjoyed listening to the music because it never disappoints.

The Hermitage Revolutionary War Lecture

american revolutionary warWednesday is the date and the American Revolution is the topic.  The Hermitage in Ho Ho Kus is hosting a lecture on July 7th at 7 pm by Todd Braisted.  Mr Braisted is an expert on the American Revolution and reportedly a very entertaining speaker.  Details are on the website and tickets are only $20 at the door.

Hackensack Performing Arts Center Concert

The Hackensack Performing Arts Center kicks off it’s summer series with an Oldies Concert this Friday, July 9th, at 7 pm.  This is the 1st concert in a series of Friday nights that runs through mid August.  HACPAC is the newest Bergen County Performing Arts Center.  While it’s outdoor concerts started only a few years ago, they’re quite popular.  There’s a lot going on so check out their full schedule.

Vintage Baseball Game at New Bridge Landing

Have you ever wondered what baseball was like in the 19th century?  Come to New Bridge Center on Saturday at 11 am for an old fashioned double header.  Because this is a recreation of vintage baseball, rules of the day along with authentic uniforms is what you’ll see and experience.  Go to the website for information and ticketing.

Demarest Farms Movie Night

Demarest Farms is one of Bergen County’s remaining farms.  From home backed goods to petting zoos, this year round staple has been feeding residents here since the 19th century.  More than a simple faborm stand, this is also a place where you teach the younger set about animals, horticulture and the environment. demarest farms movie night

Because of the devastating effects of Covid last year, they came up with a novel approach.  They brought back the old fashioned drive in movie.  People flocked to their movie nights.  It was safe, fun and a chance to get out of your house.  Since it was so popular, they’ve brought it back.  So if you haven’t gone so far this summer, check out their schedule for this weekend starting on Friday night.

Saturday Night Concert in Overpeck

The New Jersey Wind Symphony is giving a free concert in Overpeck Park at 8 pm on Saturday, July 10th.  This is happening at the Amphitheater on the newer, south side section of Overpeck Park.  This concert will offer a wide variety of music from patriotic marches to classic standards.  Bring a blanket or chairs and enjoy a wonderful free concert under the stars.

empanadaEmpanada & Food Truck Sunday

It seems that there’s a lot happening at the Garden State Plaza this summer.  Empanadas and food trucks are back this Sunday, July 11th, from 11 am to 7 pm.  While the emphasis is on empanadas, there are plenty of other food choices too.  In addition to at least 20 food trucks, there’s also live music, face painting, boardwalk style games and more.  Buy your tickets in advance because they’re more at this evehnt.

What’s Happening in Bergen County Is A Lot

So here’s what’s happening in Bergen County for this week and weekend. As you can see, it’s a lot and quite varied.  I hope you go out and enjoy these events.

Have a great week ahead.  I know I am – got my listing sold to really nice 1st time home buyers.  There’s nothing better than being a real estate agent.  That’s because I get paid to make people happy!

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4th of July4th of July fireworks in Bergen County are back in many towns.  We are more than ready to celebrate this year.  We start this Wednesday in Englewood.

Because it was all cancelled last year due to Covid 19, it seems that everyone is going to celebrate more than ever before.  I went into the Englewood Shoprite and you can just feel it.

While we’re going through a really hot spell now, people were stocking up with a noticeably upbeat attitude.  Friends who saw each other were  discussing their plans for the 4th weekend.  Everyone wants to get back to normal.  What could be more normal than 4th of July fireworks and grilling hot dogs?


4th of July fireworks in Bergen County start in Englewood at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, June 30th.  This is one celebration you do not want to miss.  It’s held on the front lawn of Dwight Morrow High School (274 Knickerbocker Rd).  Bring a chair or blanket and food.  There will be live music and I think some fun activities for children.  Englewood has amazing fireworks that go on for over 30 minutes.

Bergenfield Statue of Liberty

Thursday July 1st is the date and 6 pm is the time.  Come to Veterans Memorial Park (New Bridge Rd & Brey Ln) for the Bergenfield Family Fun Night to Celebrate the 4th.  There will be live music and food trucks.  Fireworks start at 9:15 pm.  Expect a big turnout – this is a highly anticipated annual event.


Thursday night will be fireworks at Veterans Field (1167 River Rd).  Bring a chair or blanket, some food to snack on and enjoy the show.  Fireworks begin at 9:20 pm.  The shuttle bus will be running  for free on River Road starting at 7 pm.

Fair Lawn

Fair Lawn is another town that is celebrating on Thursday, July 1st.  Held at Memorial Park (Berdan Ave & 1st Street), this is a ticketed event.  If you buy your tickets in advance, it’s cheaper so go to the event link to get your tickets.  This begins at 6:45 when there will be a concert plus there will be food vendors.  Bring a chair too or blanket.


Lyndhurst is celebrating on Friday, July 2nd.  Go to the Little League Field at 255 River Road starting at 6 pm.  There will be food vendors so just bring a chair or blanket.  The show starts at 8:30 followed by fireworks.


Friday is the day for Ramsey’s 4th of July fun.  It’s all happening in Finch Park (315 Island Rd) starting at 6:30 pm.  This is really going to something.  6:30 there’s live music by The Troublemakers, then at 8:20 music by the Ramsey Wind Orchestra.  Next it’s fireworks.  Various town organizations will be there selling food and cold drinks.
4th of July fireworks in Bergen County

Glen Rock

Glen Rock celebrates the entire weekend.  They begin with a free concert Saturday night at 7pm by the Glen Rock Pops.  This is held on the Borough Hall (1 Harding Plaza) front lawn.  Bring a chair and enjoy a concert filled with patriotic themes.  There’s also a fun raffle too.

Sunday morning is the famous IDA Parade.  Glen Rock started this in 1938 instead of traditional fireworks.  It’s grown over the years since into a very sizable parade with floats, classic cars and people dressed up in all sorts of patriotic costumes. It’s a lot of fun.  A ceremony is at 9 and the parade gets going at 9:30 am; it all starts at the Borough Hall.


Paramus is having a huge event on the 4th of July at the Garden State Plaza.  They are having a gourmet Food Truck Festival starting at 2 pm until dusk when the fireworks come on.  There’s even a beer & sangria garden.  Admission is $5 per person, kids are free and they ask you bring a non perishable item for the food bank.  Food ranges from Maine lobster to hot dogs too.


The 4th begins with a township parade at 9:30 from Queen Anne Road ending at Votee Park where all the fun happens.  From 10 to 2 pm it’s a community party.  There’s a concert, magic show, food, inflatables for kids and more.  Go to the flyer for all the details.

Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Macys 4th of July Fireworks

While some of us will be at home, that doesn’t mean we’ll miss 4th of July fireworks.  Macys puts on what has to be the most amazing fireworks show in the country.  Watched on TV literally around the world, this spectacular event is a national treasure.  Check your TV stations so you don’t miss it.  It’s on NBC from 8 to 10 pm.  This is not only fireworks but a wonderful theatrical event.

4th of July Fireworks in Bergen County

Coming out of a pandemic, not all Bergen County towns are geared up this year.  As you can see, there are still a lot of celebrations going on.  Additionally, there’s always the Meadowlands State Fair in East Rutherford where you’ll have plenty to do.  Fireworks, of course, will be on hand at night too.

I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July whether home watching Macy’s fireworks or at a barbecue with friends.








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316 The Promenade316 The Promenade is my new listing in Edgewater.  This is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath condominium priced at $679,000.  In addition, there are 2 deeded spaces in the open air garage.

The Promenade is one of the most prestigious complexes in Edgewater.  Because it is a gated community that juts out into the Hudson River, you have a truly unique ambiance.

Floor Plan

Step inside and be greeted by a large foyer.  You’ll find bedrooms ahead  and the entertaining area to the left.

Since the floor plan is open, the living room, dining area and kitchen  breakfast bar integrate seamlessly.  This becomes one large space that’s ideal for parties or just hanging out. There’s also a Frigidaire Gallery door to the outside terrace.  Because the breakfast bar is without a wall, you can prepare food in the kitchen and still be part of the fun.

Bedrooms are generous and the Master is huge with a door to the terrace, walk in closet and large full bath.  The Master Bedroom has an added degree of privacy because across the hallway by itself from the others.

In fact, all the bedrooms are located separately from the entertaining area for a well designed layout.

Building Amenities

This is a gated community with a 24/7 manned guardhouse.  Elevators take you from the garage to the private paver walk above. This is a beautifully landscaped walkway to your building.  It’s then an elevator ride up to the 3rd floor.

Parking is a covered open air garage with several elevators.  As a result, your walk to and from your car isn’t long.  On the ground level there’s a whirlpool hot tub, sauna, well equipped exercise room and locker room.


The Promenade is a uinique complex because it juts out into the Hudson River.  Located behind City Place, you really are in a world of your own.

Edgewater has all the shopping you need.  City Place itself has it’s own shopping center plus there are several malls minutes away to choose from.  You’ll also find amazing restaurants – some of the most popular in Bergen County.

Commuting to New York City is why people come to Edgewater.  It’s a short drive to the Lincoln Tunnel or George Washington Bridge.  Additionally there’s the NJ transit bus or NY Waterway ferry depending on how you want to access Manhattan.

The Promenade

316 The Promenade

316 The Promenade is a large, bright and pristine top floor unit that looks out onto the Hudson River and New York City skyline.  The present owner’s family is expanding so it’s time to move on.  This allows you to move into this gorgeous unit that gives you the best of what the Gold Coast has to offer.  Come this Sunday from 1 to 4 to see it or make an appointment for another time soon.  I don’t expect this condo to last long on the market.