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Ramadan Passover and EasterRamadan, Passover and Easter are happening.  It’s that time of year.  As a result, there isn’t a lot going on this weekend that’s new.  Here’s what we have of note:

  • Major Start II Rescue Adoption Event + Yard Sale & Clothing Drive
  • The American Songbook: Broadway Showstoppers
  • Radium Girls at the Ciccone Theater
  • Cub Scout Pack 222 Vendor Show
  • Tenafly Nature Center Salamandar Search


Start II Animal RescueStart II Animal Rescue – Saturday

Start II is an amazing animal rescue.  No matter how few volunteers they have, how low their funds get, they always seem to find a way to help another neglected animal.  My friend, Laura Latrenta, introduced me to this group and I am so happy she did.

This Saturday they are having their major spring event.  It’s an Adoption Day, a yard/tag sale and a clothing drive.  Please come and donate something or write them even a small check.  $5 even is OK.  Anything.  Rescued animals come to them needing vet care, vaccinations, equipment etc.  What they charge to adopt doesn’t usually cover it all so any donation helps.

Come early too because discounted new pet items go fast.  You can save money and help them out at the same time.  It’s this Saturday 10-2 at 135 Cedar Lane in Englewood.  Use your GPS and yes, you drive all the way down that street.

The American Songbook

This is a wonderful concert by a Broadway veteran – Donna Vivinno.  Since she’s Joined by her Father and his group, this is most definitely a family event.  You will hear her amazing voice with the renown Jerry Vivinno Quartet for a wonderful evening of the best Broadway has.  Get your tickets now online because they’ll be more at the door.  While tickets are $40, bear in mind that you’re hearing a top level Broadway artist.

Radium Girls

Friday opens the Ciccone Theater production of Radium Girls at Bergen County Community College.  Performances are also this Saturday and next week Thursday-Saturday.  Because this is based on a real event, it’s also quite instructive.

Radium was an early 20th century international phenomenon.  No one realized how damaging it could be since they only saw the good that came out of it.  Since it made things glow in the night, it was used to paint dials on watches.  This is the story of what happened as a result.  Get your tickets online.  General admission is only $15 while students are $5.

Cub Scout Pack 222 Vendor Show  ramadan Passover and easter

Come to St. Philip the Apostle Church (488 Saddle River River Rd, Saddle Brook) this Saturday from 9-4 and pick up a bargain.  The Cub Scouts are having their annual Spring Vendor Show and it’s both indoors and outdoors.  There’s a wide assortment of items, food trucks and even the Easter Bunny will visit the Church!

Tenafly Nature Center Salamandar Search

It’s the 1st weekend of the month and as a result, it’s time for Crafty Critters again on Saturday afternoon.  But there’s something diffferent because #are emerging. So get registered now for Sunday night at 6-7 for the Salamandar Search.  This is a MEMBERS ONLY free event so why not become a TNC member?  It’s really not expensive and you’ll be helping the TNC continue it’s amazing work.

Don’t forget that Barbecue is still playing this weekend and for another few weeks.  This is the adult themed comedy that has quite an edge to it.

ramadan passover and easterRamadan, Passover and Easter

Ramadan, Passover and Easter are upon us.  Seems like God is telling us to be together since these major religions are overlapping each other.  Ramadan has  already begun.  Passover starts on Wednesday.  Good Friday and Easter are next.  I would like to take this moment to ask all of you to look into your heart and respect your neighbor’s religion and customs.  We are all Americans.  We rise and fall together.

Every time someone tells me that they don’t want to get involved, you shouldn’t own it (I personally hate this expression because it’s so cowardly), or we let a joke, an expression, a glance go by, we’re allowing it.  Most of you have grandparents or great grandparents who fought against this. That was World War II.

As Americans, the world looks to us to lead and that starts at the bottom, with each one of us.  Ramadan, Passover and Easter are each in their own way beautiful as is the kalaidescope of humanity.


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