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snow is coming to bergen countySnow is coming to Bergen County.  Why is this news?  Because we haven’t had any so far this winter and THAT is big news.

2023 had been a very unusual winter.  Snow storms happen often in January and February.  Since we haven’t had 1 so far, it is indeed big news that snow is coming tonight.

According to the weather forecasters, Bergen County can expect 3-6 inches of snow begining around 7 pm tonight.  That’s not a blizzard but it’s enough to create NYC commuting chaos.

Get Ready For A School Snow Day

While snow means a tough commute to New York City tomorrow morning and sloppy streets here, it’s not all bad.  I know 1 group of folks who will be ecstatic – children.  How about not having even 1 snow day so far this year?  What do you think the odds are that nearly all if not all schools will declare tomorrow a snow day?  I’d say 100%

Do you remember when you were a child in school and a snow day was announced?  OH BOY!  No school and plenty of snow to play in.  You and your friends had a blast that day.  In my case, my Mother had all 4 of us shovel out the driveway and walks.  The reward was home made hot chocolate.  Not a bad deal at all!

Are you the parent of school age children?  If so, I wouldn’t wait to figure out how you’re going to handle a snow day if you’re not working remotely.  You can bet on your child’s school being closed tomorrow.

How To Shovel Snow Safely  shovel snow

Shoveling snow requires a lot of strength and good muscle tone plus lifting/pushing the snow correctly.  Let’s be honest.  How many of us are at peak physicality?  Hmm…well me too.  Be careful in how you handle a snow shovel or you’ll likely hurt yourself as a result.  While I’m not a doctor, I did find a great article from Home Depot on how to do it.  

Here’s another article I found from Laurel Health on how to shovel without hurting yourself.  What I can say, after my own mistakes, is that if you don’t shovel correctly, you’ll be really sore if you don’t truly hurt yourself.

Heart Attacks and Snow Shoveling

Why You’re Set Up For A Heart Attack

It seems that with every snow fall there is news about someone dying of a heart attack while shoveling.  Looking up articles today for this post, I was shocked to read that there’s an age limit to shoveling.  I saw articles saying you should not shovel snow after you’re past midlife.  They pegged it at over 55.  I don’t know about you but people I know in their mid 50’s seem pretty vibrant to me.

This told me how ill informed I am about all of this.  I’m not unique.  Friends I called this morning to ask were equally surprised.  It seems we all need to get educated about heart attacks and snow shoveling.

How To Protect Your Heart From Snow Shoveling

The problem with shoveling snow is that it’s such an intense physical activity.  Since most of us are not in peak physical condition, snow shoveling can set you up for a heart attack.

Harvard and the Cleveland Clinic have fabulous articles on how to avoid heart attacks while shoveling.  If you do have any health issues, that’s an entirely different situation and you should always check with your doctor.  Maybe everyone should call their doctors first.  I’m not a medical professional but it makes sense to me because your doctor knows you.

snowfallSnow Is Coming To Bergen County

Snow is coming to Bergen County at last this winter.  Children will have a ball, commuters will be unhappy and there will be plenty of hot showers on aching bodies.  But it will be so beautiful.  Late tonight take a look out your window.  Better yet, a step outside.  Feel the beauty and the quiet that only snow brings you.  It’s nature creating a layer of beauty.  There’s a lot to be enjoyed as long as you do it all safely.

AND if you ski, snowboard or tube, don’t foget Campgaw Mountain!

Need someone to shovel for you?  Text or call me (201-741-8490) and I’ll do my best to help you.


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