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bergen county and the surrounding areaBergen County and the surrounding area have a very varied group of events this weekend.  Because of our location, we are uniquely positioned to find fun both within itself and less than 1 hour away.

This coming weekend we have 7 events for you.  They range from celebrating the birth of the US movie industry to a modern award winning PBS Documentary film maker.  Here’s what’s happening this weekend:

Barrymore Film Center and Museum

Did you know that the US movie industry began in Fort Lee, NJ?  Because weather is better in California, it moved there eventually but it began right here in Bergen County’s Fort Lee.

To honor that heritage, the Barrymore Film Center and Museum was born and this week it has some truly spectacular vintage movies.  Seats are only $15 for adults ($9 members) and only $12 for seniors and under 10.  The films being shows are all important award winning movies.  They even have a Korean film department.  Check it out online, go see one of these amazing movies and stop in at the museum as well.

Beethoven in Beijing Sunday at 4 pm

Beethoven in Beijing is not only an award winning PBS documentary, it’s also a book.  This is a film about the Philadelphia Orchestra’s trip to China.  Jennifer Lin produced the movie and wrote the best selling book.  You’ll see the film and Ms. Lin will be available to sign books and discuss this uniquely special time.

Because this was such a cultural phenomenon, it’s effects are still being felt today.  This is a free event but you must register.  It’s held at the Church of Atonement in Tenafly (55 Magnolia Ave).

Howdy Stranger Improv Comedy Show Friday 8 pm

Here we go again because this is fast becoming a cult favorite.  This wacky and hilarious improv comedy show at the Hackensack Performing Arts Center is back again because of popular demand.  What more can I say?  It’s a night full of laughs so register for this ASAP.  Tickets are well worth the $25 fee.

The Tenafly Nature Center

Crafty Critters on Saturday at 2-3 pm

Get to know about one of the Nature Center’s resident animals and meet him in person.  Then use your artistic skills to create a picture of him.  It’s fun for all ages but children must be accompanied by adults.  Registration is online.

Adult Full Moon Hike 4:30-6:30 pm Saturday

This very popular event happens every month.  It’s a really neat experience because you visit here during the day.  It’s quite a different experience at night walking down the trails.  Since the weather isn’t your typical January freeze, this is definitely the adult moon hike moment for me.  Registration for this is easy because you do it online.

Tenafly Nature Center Camp Open House Sunday 11-1 pm

The Nature Center has a lot of day camp opportunities during the year.  Camp happens during school breaks because parents need a positive, fun and educational activity for their children.  In addition there’s the school’s out summer camp too.  You can learn all about it and ask as many questions as you like once you register.

Forest Defenders Sunday 10-12 noon

This has been a staple of the Center since as far back as I remember.  Here you learn about the invasive species coming from other parts of the world which threaten our plant and animal life.  You’ll help to identify and remove them in addition.  As a result, this is both a learning and a doing activity.  Click here to register.

Bergen County and the Surrounding Area

Here we’re going out to the surrounding area for 2 more options for you.  You’ve seen me take you out of Bergen at times.  It’s not unusual for residents here to find things to do in both Bergen County and the surrounding area.

Wayne PAL Antiques & Collectibles Show and Vintage Flea Market

This Sunday from 9 to 2:30 is a major event for collectors.  The Wayne PAL puts these on often and every one is fun.  To look like to poke around and find a treasure?  Are you a collector?  Because if you do, you’ll want to come here on Sunday since 150 vendors will be on hand.  Location is 1 PAL Drive in Wayne.

So there you have it.  Bergen County and the surrounding area has a lot happening.  Enjoy!

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