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We have a lot of Halloween themed events this weekend since the big day is Monday.  Please be careful driving on Monday afternoon and evening.  Children get very excited on Halloween.  They might run across a street before you can stop them on their way to more candy.

Do you have children?  Then check with your local town and their school to see what might be going on.  Many towns have costume parades and Halloween themed events for their children.  I know that some parents set up their own trick or treat house walk too so it’s safe and limited.  After all, no matter what a child thinks, there is a limit to how much candy they should have.  Here’s what we have this weekend for you:

Fall-O-Ween Spooktacular 

The Fort Lee Business District is bringing back it’s highly popular outdoor Halloween event.  Fall-O-Ween is free and open to the public.  It’s this Saturday, October 29th, from 1 to 4 at Hudson Lights Park.  Come in costume and be ready for loads of fun.  Cotton candy, a DJ for music, face painting and even a magician performing are jus some of the ongoing activities.

ClueClue Opens Saturday Night

Bergen County Players is having a fabulous season this year because they are celebrating their 90th year of operation.  Clue is their second play of the season and it opens this Saturday night.  Since it’s billed as a madcap comedy based on the boardgame, be prepared for a lot of laughing.  Tickets are $24 on Friday and Saturday nights but only $21 for Sunday matinees.  You get yours online.  This is a wonderful production that rivals Broadway and at a fraction of the cost!

Zach AlexanderA Zach Alexander Magic Show

Come to the Garden State Plaza on Saturday for a fun filled magic show by Zach Alexander.  Since it’s located on Level 2 in the Macy’s Court area, this free show has room for everyone.

This is going to be a terrific live theater experience because it’s sponsored by the Bergen Performing Arts Center.  Show times are 11 and 1 on Saturday.  Go online to RSVP please.  In addition, there’s 2 more events at the Garden State Plaza this weekend.  You have the Headless Horseman at the Sunday Farmer’s Market in the parking lot.  The other is  another scary show on Monday although I think a lot of you will be out trick or treating then.  Everything is on the link above.

Halloween House at Paramus Park  Jack O Lanterns

Not to be outdone by it’s rival shopping mall, Paramus Park has Halloween House.  This ongoing event is indoors and very different because it’s a completely immersive experience.  Tickets start at $20 reportedly.

While I’ve never been there, it seems that you walk through a series of rooms.  Each is very different so you have quite a variety of experiences.  It sounds like a very cool idea and is set up to appeal to all ages.  They claim that they’re the #1 Halloween experience in New Jersey.  I have no idea but you get your tickets for this online.

Cars, Cops, Coffee in Tenafly cars cops coffee

Exotic cars are sure to be on display this Sunday in Tenafly.  It’s time for the Cars, Cops, Coffee car show again at Café Angelique.  The purpose of this car show is to get to know the police and build better community relations with the police force who will also be on hand.  I bet kids in particular will love this because police cars will be open to the public.

This is a car show that traditionally brought out Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s and high end racing engine 911 Porches.  I can’t tell you what will be on hand but it’s always been a lot of fun.  So be there between 1 and 4 on Sunday to see some amazing cars along with all sorts of police cars.

North Jersey Auto ShowThe North Jersey Auto Show

Here’s your second car show on Sunday.  Both are Halloween themed events.  This one is bigger with over 200 cars and it’s next to Tenafly in Cresskill.  The North Jersey Auto Show happens Sunday from 10 to 3 at the Cresskill Swim Club parking lot (end of 3rd Street).

This is sponsored by the Restored Rusty Relics Antique Car Club and the Cresskill VFW.  Because it’s open to all types of antique cars and classic cars, you’re sure to see some motorcycles mixed in.  They are asking for a donation of candy for Halloween fun but that’s optional.  There’s no charge to come see these beautiful cars just like in Tenafly.

Halloween Themed Events This Weekend

So there you have it.  Quite a variety of Halloween themed events this weekend.  Enjoy this holiday and remember to drive carefully on Monday.  Little ghosts and goblins will be out roaming your neighborhood!


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