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NOJEXStamp Collecting Is Coming

Stamp collecting is coming to Bergen County in a very major way.  You’re not interested?  Maybe you should be because Classic US stamps are an incredibly good investment.

Millions are spent on Classic US Stamps.  Fortunes are built through stamp collecting.  It’s also a highly educational hobby that teaches you about history and so much more.  Philately is a hobby that’s been increasingly overlooked by today’s adults and particularly parents.  Philately was a major past time years ago before personal computing and the internet.  It’s still alive and well however and this weekend you’re in for a treat.


The American Stamp Dealers Association (ASDA) hosts a few major stamp shows during the year.  NOJEX-ASDA is their fall show and it’s coming here this weekend to East Rutherford.  This is a very major event in the world of stamp collecting.  Serious collectors actually fly in from overseas to attend this show.  It’s that big of a deal.

This event is being held October 14-16 at the Hilton Meadowlands in East Rutherford right here in Bergen County.  Hours are 10 to 6 on Friday and Saturday; Sunday is 10 to 3.  The fall ASDA show used to be in Manhattan but it moved to Bergen County several years ago.  Why?  Because Bergen County is so much more convenient for most people to get to.  This is such a significant event that you’ll see our major local news stations cover it on TV.

Why Collect Stamps?

Today it’s all about selfies, video games and posts on what I had to eat for dinner with friends.  Stamp collecting seems to most of us a relic of the past.  Let me assure you that it ranges from a young person’s past time to high stakes investing.

Stamp collecting teaches you about history, how to build an investment portfolio, financial patience, how to see and appreciate value and so much more.  It covers all price ranges and so it’s really affordable for all of us.  You can easily develop life long friendships.  It’s also a sophisticated, cerebral hobby where your intellect is engaged in a way not easily found today.

For younger people, it teaches them to appreciate the value of building a collection.  They can learn to exhibit their collection and get awards for their efforts.  It also becomes goal oriented.  Perhaps someone wants to get a collection of every stamp issued in a particular series, time or subject.  That takes planning, saving up to buy it and doing the research and practical legwork to learn what’s required.  Skills like this for parents are positives to teach your child and also something you can share together.  It also works for adults too1

Philately Is A Hobby And An Investment

Philately is a hobby and an investment for many.  Classic US stamps are often worth their weight in gold.  Every year the premier stamp auction house in the US, Robert A Siegel Auction Galleries, holds a Rarities of the World auction.  Bidders from around the world literally spend millions.  Stamp collecting is big business.

It’s also an investment that you can build over time.  I know people who have collected stamps for years.  They sold their collection for, in 1 case, to get a down payment on a house.  Another sold their collection to help them retire early.  Another held on and gave it to their heirs worth over $500,000.  All of these people started collecting as children or very young adults.

Bergen County should be very proud that we were chosen for one of the few major US stamp shows.  NOJEX is a very big deal.  Stamp collecting is coming this weekend to the Hilton Meadowlands (2 Meadowlands Plaza in East Rutherford). Don’t miss it.  You’ll be glad you went.

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