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10 canterbury10 Canterbury Lane in New Milford is open this Sunday from 1 to 4 pm.  This is unquestionably the best value in townhouses in it’s price range.  If you look up all the information on it online, you might have the following questions –

Why are they moving after only 2 years?  How old are the renovations?  Does the living room fireplace work?  How big are the bedrooms?  Will the garage fit my SUV?  What’s the monthly maintenance and is it going up?  Additionally, why is this the best value?

Why are they moving?

The sellers are like so many other people who have lived in Bergen County homes for a long while.  They move to our beautiful suburbs, buy a big house and raise their family.  Because their children are now grown, they realize that they don’t need the big house and decide to downsize or move south to warmer weather.

This is what happened with the current homeowners.  10 Canterbury Lane was a downsize for them.  However, they still wanted to move south to be with friends.  Additionally golf is extremely important to them.  You can golf every day of the year where they are going.

Condo Association Questions  bergen county homes

I called up the management team for Canterbury Village, Arthur Edwards (201-722-9600).  They told me that there were no upcoming assessments and no upcoming increases to the monthly maintenance fee of $330 for the foreseeable future.

This is an extremely well maintained complex in my view.  Maintenance includes, among other things, exterior maintenance and garbage.  Any time I’ve driven into Canterbury Village, it’s been neat as a pin.  Shrubs pruned and lawns cut perfectly.  Winter is no different.  They snow plow the roads right away and shovel the walks and the steps of all townhouses there.  This is, to use an expression, a tight run ship.

Primary BedroomTownhouse Feature Questions

I was told the following by the present owner:  Renovations were done in 2019 to the kitchen, baths and outdoor terrace.  They replaced the garage door 1 year ago and roofs are 4 years old.  They don’t us  e the wood burning fireplace but assume it’s OK.

Bedrooms are very big.  They’re approximately 17′ x 11′ 10″ for the 2nd bedroom.  Primary is 17′ x 17′ 8″ and both bedrooms have great closet space.  SUVs can easily fit in the oversized 2 car garage too.

Why is this the best home value in it’s class? 

When it comes to property values, you want the best you can get. No other condominium townhouse in it’s class has a 2 car attached garage.  Some only have outdoor parking spaces while others have a small 1 car garage.

In addition, because this was built in 1986 (the others are much younger), it was built with cinderblock common walls.  This makes it much quieter.  I’m sure you’ve heard stories about townhouse owners hearing their adjoining neighbors clearly.  That doesn’t happen with cinderblock walls.  Just ask a contractor or home inspector about this. I’d say having a big 2 car attached garage and a quieter environment sets this townhome apart from the others.

10 Canterbury has only been on the market a few weeks,  When people come back from vacations, you can bet that this will become a competitive situation.  So come on over this Sunday and take a look.  You’ll be glad you did.




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