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Mid August events in Bergen County are more than you’d expect for this time of year.  It seems that every year people take off once you get to this month because it’s your last chance to do so.  Public schools are about to open, college students are leaving soon and there’s a sudden crispness to the night air.  While it’s still warm, you can feel that summer’s ending.

August Pivots Bergen County to the Fall

August is most definitely a multi faceted month.   It begins with the those dog days of summer (hot and steamy) which turn nearly fall like by month’s end.  There’s an nearly imperceptible change of color in just a few plants and trees.   Leaves begin to fall quietly after the 20th.  August pivots Bergen County to the Fall.

Because this is a last minute dash to get away from it all, it’s also a month of quiet.  As a result, mid August events in Bergen County are few.  This will change, as it always does.  So here’s to the mid August events we have!

St Philip The Apostle Church Festival

It is the 63rd year that the St Philip Parish Festival is being held.   This is a fun Church Fair that runs Wednesday night through Saturday night from 6-11 pm.  Set up on the Church parking lot, this very popular Church Festival has everything you’d expect for loads of fun.  Great food, plenty of rides, music and raffles are all happening.  St Philip is located at 488 Saddle River Road in Saddle Brook.

Exotic Pet Show for Children

exotic petSundays are farmer market days at the Garden State Plaza.  You’ll find added entertainment often at these farmers markets and this Sunday it’s exotic pets.  There are two 30 minute shows at 11 am and 12 noon.  Grownups will enjoy this too but I’m sure most of the squeals will come from children.

These two free shows are courtesy of NJ Exotic Pets.  Bring the younger set with you or just bring yourself.  Then go shopping at the Farmers Market!

Historic New Bridge Landing

You haven’t been to any of the events at Historic New Bridge Landing?  Well now’s your chance because it’s an open house this Sunday 1-4:30 pm.  The entire museum is a walking educational tour.  In addition there’s a scavenger hunt, kites for kids, food and drinks at the tavern.  Spend the afternoon here and travel back in time to the birth of our Nation.  Get your tickets online.

National Honey Bee Day Celebration  national honey bee day

Saturday is National Honey Bee Day and Englewood is celebrating!  Starting at 1:30 pm, 3 different groups plus the Englewood Public Library are putting on the 2nd Annual National Honey Bee Day Celebration on the Library’s front lawn.  It’s a joint production of Englewood’s Heath Department, Green Team and EEC with the Library so you know this is going to be great.  You’ll get to see active hives and meet beekeepers too. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn about honey bees while you’re having fun.  Come to 31 Engle Street and enjoy some honey too!

open cockpitOpen Cockpit Week

The Aviation Hall of Fame at Teterboro Airport is having a celebration this week.  Since it’s their 50th anniversary, they’re celebrating all week from Wednesday through Sunday.  Bring a young aviator and let them feel what it’s like to be inside an airplane.  This is a volunteer run organization so there might be cancellations due to a lack of available volunteers.  As a result, make your reservations online to secure a spot and pay at the gate.  The museum is located at 400 Fred Wehran Drive in Teterboro.

These are your mid August events in Bergen County.  If you don’t see a blog post from me next week, don’t be surprised.  By then everyone will be at the beach!

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