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Arts Amble 22Arts Amble 22 is a spectacular 3 day event beginning this Friday and ending Sunday night.  This is quite literally a crawl through 21 Bergen County towns that features all types of artistic endeavor.

Creative Bergen

Creative Bergen is a non profit organization that was founded in 2020.  It’s mission is to promote Bergen County artists whether amateurs or world renown.  In addition, they want to help sustain the small local businesses that support our local artists.  The 1st Arts Amble was last year and it’s grown tremendously in just 1 year.  They have just under double the number of artists who participated in 2021.  That year it was 175 so they’re over 300 now.

How It Works

How it works reminds me of a circus.  A 3 ring circus has 3 different things going on at the same time.  This also reminds me of a track meet?  Have you ever been to a track meet?  Track meets have many different sports activities going on simultaneously.  You’ll have a javelin throw, high jump, foot race and long jump all happening at the same time.  Arts Amble 22 is sort of like that.

Every one of the 3 days has multiple events in different towns.  Sometimes they overlap but usually they’re on long enough to make it to all the events.  This is billed as an art crawl through many towns and that’s exactly what it is.  Because many artists will have their creations available for sale, you have a wonderful opportunity to bring home something special too.

You can schedule what you want to see and experience through the Arts Amble 22 booklet that you download as a PDF from the internet.

What You’ll See and Experience

What is Arts Amble 22 made up of?  Everything and anything having to do with art.  Since we’re talking about artists, there’s plays, music, sculpture and painting of course.  Paintings are in oils, water color and mixed media.  Artisanal crafts are represented too including gorgeous jewelry, pottery, basket weaving and stained glass.  Music comes in a wide range of musical styles and song.  The arts you will see and experience seem to have no limit in variety.

Arts Amble 22

Arts Amble 22 is an amazing experience that runs through 20 different towns (although I did count 21 on their brochure) with a mind blowing variety of artistic expression.  Download the brochure and come out this weekend to enjoy it.

As I always say, Bergen County has so much going for it.  This truly is a great place to live.  Nowhere but here, this weekend, will you have such a spectacular opportunity to experience amazing visual and performing art.

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