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godspell capriGodspell, Capri, butterflies , a full moon hike and St Patrick’s Day make this a really busy week.  I don’t know if you went to the Bergen County St Patrick’s Day Parade on Sunday.  If you didn’t, you missed maybe the best one ever.  Thousands turned out and the weather did cooperate.  While Sunday was cold, the worst part of the weekend was Saturday.

We have a revival of the award winning Broadway musical, Godspell, and a world premier of another, Capri.  The Tenafly Nature Center has a full moon hike and we’re all Irish this Thursday for St Patrick’s Day.  Let’s not forget those butterflies either.  Temple Israel in Ridgewood has a virtual event about them.  Here are the details on all of this for you:

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Creating A Certified Wildlife Garden

This is one of Temple Israel’s ongoing virtual program called Temple Talks.  This Thursday at 7:30 pm is Creating a Certified Wildlife Garden.  This is actually a very hot topic because doing so helps the environment tremendously.  Don Torino is the presenter and he’s terrific.  You’ll learn how to turn your yard into an ecological paradise and a sanctuary for butterflies.

St Patrick’s Day

Need I say more?  Go out and enjoy the fun at one of Bergen County’s many fine Irish restaurants and pubs.  If you want to know all about this holiday, one of the best articles I’ve seen is in WikipediaMy article on St Patty’s Day last week mentioned a bunch.


It is incredibly difficult for a playwright to get any attention.  I’ve been told that less than 10% of the scripts sent to the powers that be are even looked at by their staff.  As a result, a lot of credit should be given to Skyline Theater Company in Fair Lawn.  Every year they promote an original musical play and this year it’s Capri.

They are giving a free reading of this musical at 7 pm on Friday night.   What have you got to lose?  It’s a free night out and you get to help promote a new play.  Location is the Fair Lawn Community Center/George Frey Center for Arts and Recreation at 12-45 River Road in town.

Full Moon Hike

It seems that every month there’s a full moon hike at the Tenafly Nature Center.  Because the full moon is this Saturday, that’s the date for the adult full moon hike this month.  This definitely adult event starts at 7:30 pm and lasts for 1.5 hours during which you’ll be hiking on trails through the nature center with a guide.

This very popular monthly event does get sold out so reserve your spot soon.  Members pay $5 and non members $10.

Godspell godspell

Godspell was a hit and won many awards when it debuted on Broadway.  This musical is an irreverent and very funny take on a Biblical story about Jesus.  The music is great and I don’t think it matters what religion you celebrate.  It truly is something everyone can enjoy.

Because this is a produced by Bergen County Players in Oradell, you know that Godspell will be a great and fun night out.  It opens this Saturday night which begins a multiple weekend run.  I’m sure tickets are gong fast so order yours today.

Godspell, Capri, Butterflies, A Full Moon Hike & St Patrick’s Day

Godspell, Capril, butterflies, a full moon hike and St Patrick’s day make for a very busy week indeed.  We have 2 free events (Capril and Temple Talks with Don Torino about creating a butterfly rich garden) as well as 2 paid events (Godspell and the Tenafly Nature Full Moon Hike) although the cost ($25 and $5/10) for these is nominal.

So there you have it.  Godspell, Capri, Butterflies, a full moon hike – quite a choice plus St Patty’s Day!




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