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here's whats happening this weekHere’s what’s happening starting this week in Bergen County.  We have quite a variety this week from cats to rock and roll music.  Remember too that we have winter sports gong on too.  Ice skating at Van Saun Park, skiing and snow boarding at Camgaw Mountain are in full swing.

Spring is coming

We’re now halfway through February.  At this time of year, the weather starts to transition from Winter to Spring.  .Frigid temperatures will be gone in a few weeks.  So get your ice skating, downhill skiing and snow boarding in before Spring starts on March 20th.

Here’s what’s happening this week

  1. Decoding The Mysteries of Cats or Why They Do What They Do

  2. Gourmet Infused Oils & Vinegar

  3. How Diet & Exercise Reduces Cancer Recurrence & Makes You Healthy

  4. Songs of the 50’s and 60’s

  5. Ode to Joy & Moon Over Buffalo Performances

  6. Maple Sugaring

  7. Nature Story Time at the Tenafly Nature Center

Decoding The Mysteries of Cats or Why They Do What They Do

Felines have always been a mystery.  Your cat at times is a puzzle.  They’re not as transparent as a dog.  It can seem that your cat exists in a world of it’s own.  Cat behaviorists can decode what your cat is doing and why.  Stephen Quandt, Feline Behaviorist, is giving a 1 hour presentation to unlock the mysteries of your cat and more.  This happens 5-6 pm Wednesday thanks to the River Vale Public Library.  Register for this online.

Gourmet Infused Oils & Vinegars

The Wyckoff YMCA has a wonderful opportunity for the gourmet chefs among us.  This presentation is all about how to blend and use oils and vinegars.  Have you ever been to a restaurant where there’s delicious herb infused dipping oil on your table?  You’ll learn how to do this and more.  Register today for this Wednesday event event from 6:15 to 7:45.

Eat Well and Live Well Nutrition Class

Our medical centers have virtual classes and webinars for the public every week.  It’s a good idea to check out what’s happening with them.  You’ll be very surprised to see all the information and help offered by medical professionals.  This week on Thursday at 10 am is the Moving Forward: Eat Well Live Well Nutrition Class:  Mind and Body Wellness webinar.  Even if you are not a cancer survivor, the information being given is very important to your overall health.

A Blast From the Past: Song’s of the 50’s and 60’s

The Bergen County Players is putting on this great fun production honoring this genre of music.  A Blast From The Past: Songs of the 50’s and 60’s will rock the place down.  This is a roaring, fun production that will bring back music from such stars as Leslie Gore, The Shirelles, Aretha Franklin, Petula Clark and more.  Tickets are only $12 and performances are 2 pm on Saturday and 7 pm on Sunday.

Ode to Joy and Moon Over Buffalo

I just want to remind you that both of these very well received productions are still performing over this weekend.  Ode to Joy is at Englewood’s Black Box Theater and Moon Over Buffalo is at the Bergen County Players Firehouse Theater in Oradell.

Maple Sugaring

Early spring means it’s time to get that delicious maple syrup from maple trees.  To learn how to extract the syrup from a maple tree and then boll it down into maple syrup, you have 2 options.  Both The Hermitage in Ho-Ho-Kus and the Tenafly Nature Center in Tenafly have programs for the public on maple sugaring this week.  So sing up for the Tenafly Nature Center or The Hermitage maple sugaring sessions today because these are popular usually sold out events

Nature Story Time at the Tenafly Nature Center

One of the truly great things about the Tenafly Nature Center is it’s emphasis on educating children about nature.  This Saturday the have Nature Story Time at 10 am for children from 3 to 7 years old.

So here’s what’s happening this week in Bergen County.  Go to one of these events and have fun with what we have to offer!


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