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winter is backWinter is back.  It’s cold here in Bergen County.  The sky is gray with clouds and snow is on it’s way.  This is exactly what you’d expect because it’s the first week of January.

Since the weather has now turned cold, outdoor activities are greatly reduced.  A great exception is the Tenafly Nature Center and another is Campgaw MountainIce skating lessons are available at Van Saun Park too.  While Winter Wonderland there is still on, it’s sold out.  You can go directly to see if tickets have become available due to cancellations.

Early January is never filled with a lot of activities.  This is because we’ve just finished the winter holiday season which always has an overwhelming number of events.  Let’s see what’s up at the Tenafly Nature Center and Campgaw Mountain.

Tenafly Nature Center

NOTE:  Always register ASAP with the Tenafly Nature Center because all of their programs get sold out quickly.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt scavenger hunt

This program is for adults and children from 4 years old and up.  All children must be accompanied by adults.  This is a team event where you’re given clues and off you go on a fun scavenger hunt in the nature center.

There are afternoon sessions this weekend on both Saturday and Sunday.  Be sure to register for this scavenger hunt right away.

Campgaw Mountain Ski Resort

I bet you didn’t know that Bergen County has a ski resort.  We do  – it’s Campgaw Mountain.  Due to the unusually warm December weather, they haven’t been able to make snow.  Since winter is back this week, that is definitely changing.  Expect downhill skiing and tubing to be back by the weekend.

Be sure to check back at their website for updates about when the slopes will be open.  They are busy making snow today so I bet you can downhill ski or go tubing by the weekend.  Campgaw is a full service ski resort with season passes, lessons and hot cocoa too!

Beauty and The Beast Auditions  beauty and the beast

The Wyckoff YMCA regularly puts on theatrical productions through it’s Youth Theater program.  This week they’re holding auditions open to the public for Beauty and the Beast.  You must register in advance.  Auditions are held this Friday, January 7th, from 4:30 to 7:30 pm.  They’re looking for both adults and children from Grades 3 through 12.

If you’ve ever wanted to act in a musical play, here’s an opportunity to try out for one!

Winter Is Back

I don’t know about you but I love snow.  It’s coming here later in the week but it’s only 1-3 inches so that’s not a big deal.  Winter is back and it should be by now.  I hope you had a great holiday season like I did with my family.  I took the last 2 weeks off as I always do in December.  Here’s to a great year ahead for all of us!

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