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how do i know if i found the right houseHow do you know if you’ve found the right house?  This isn’t a rhetorical question.  It’s also not a simple one either.  Because so many home buyers wonder about this, I thought we should discuss it.

Let’s start with it’s normal.  My first time buyers usually ask me about this early on.  I hear this less frequently from trade up buyers.  While they might not voice it directly, it’s still on a lot of their minds.

Any time you buy a “big ticket item” you’re going to have doubts. Buying a home is the most expensive purchase most people make.  Doubt comes along with it so try to relax.  It’s normal to wonder if what you’re doing is right.  So let’s take control and get rid of this worry.

The 2 Parts of a Real Estate Transaction

There are 2 parts of a real estate transaction and both are equally important.  Buying a house is both a business and an emotional transaction.  It’s my job to keep you on track with both.  What sometimes happens is that one overtakes the other.  You can’t afford that.

Here are 2 examples on how it works to mess you up in no particular order –

  • You fall so love with a home that you overlook important negatives &/or stretch financially to get it
  • Keeping to a rigid budget and/or set of requirements, you choose the house to purchase

You can easily see that the 1st is too emotional and the 2nd is not at all.  So how do we avoid getting stuck in either?

Follow The Process

How do you know if you’ve found the right house?  Easy.  Follow the process and it all works out.  Buying a home is a journey.  What’s hard about it is that you are doing a balancing act between the ying and yang of emotions and practicality.  Integrating both successfully gets you into the right home.

Have you been to my website?  I have written an entire section on how to buy a house in Bergen County.  You’ll see how I emphasize the need for a process.  If you follow this, you’ll learn enough to know when you’ve found the right home.

Why Following The Process Works

Sucessfully balancing the ying and yang of emotions and practicality keeps you on track.  Knowing the process and following it does this for you.  When you’re in control, your head is clear so you can make the right decision on all levels.

It Really Is Emotional

You’ll never be happy with a home you don’t love.  It really is emotional.  One of the  questions I ask my home buyers is whether they’ll look forward to coming home here after a day at work.  Using those old generic, agent questions like “Do you see yourself here?” doesn’t work.  Think specifics.

For me (I love Christmas) it was where I’d put the Christmas tree and host parties.  Having a big back yard is often another emotional wish.  Don’t just imagine yourself in a property – imagine yourself relating specifically to the house.  You’re buying an emotional feature and the house comes with it.

Home Buying Is A Business Deal

There is no doubt about it; buying a house is a business deal too.  You want to get a god value that’s within your financial ability.  It has to make sense on both accounts.

People who stretch to their financial limit are, in my view, always making a mistake.  Frankly I refuse to take my customers to that point.  Nothing is worth being financially precarious.  There is always another house.  Home buyers who do this worry every month about paying bills.  That’s no way to do it.  This has to make financial sense.

So How Do I Know If I’ve Found The Right House?

You’ll know by following the process.  If you’ve done your homework on what you really need, learned about the buying process, got an affordable budget, you’ll know.  Why?  Because you’re now financially and emotionally ready.  Once you’ve seen enough homes, you’ll walk into the right one, fall in love and be able to afford it.  It’s all the preparation the process has given you that allows you to see it.

Don’t worry.  Have fun.  Go out and find your new home.  Sure it’s not easy in this market but you’ll succeed if you buy a house the right way,  Let me know if you have any questions.

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