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quilts, crafts, fairs and moreQuilts, crafts, fairs and more are in store for you this coming weekend.  As we move further into fall, more special events happen in Bergen  County.

You’ll continue to see our towns put on special fair days and Oktoberfest themed events.  Additionally our local live theater will be opening up with truly wonderful productions as we get further into the fall.  Before you know it, those cancelled events of last year will all be back.

Let’s see about quilts, crafts, fairs and more:

  1. Bergen County Quilt and Coverlet Show
  2. Felicia Temple Concert
  3. Po-Shen Loh Math Event for Grades 5-8
  4. Harvestfest Craft Fair
  5. Rutherford Day & Classic Car Show
  6. Woodcliff Lake Oktoberfest

Bergen County Quilt and Coverlet Show quilt

This is a not to be missed spectacular event.  Over 2 day period there will be lectures and guided tours.  You’ll learn the history of these magnificent quilts and coverlets as well as take guided tours to see them on display.  What you will see is a never before assembled collection that came from cooperating museums, churches and individuals.  The Bergen County Quilt and Coverlet Show is at 650 & 660 E Glen Ave in Ridgewood.  Hours are Friday 11-5 and Saturday 11-4.  Go to the website and be amazed.

Debonair Music HallFelicia Temple at Debonair Music Hall

Felicia Temple is a fabulous R&B singer who was on an amazing upward trajectory until Covid stopped everything.  She’s appearing at the Debonair Music Hall Friday night  (8 pm at 1409 Queen Anne Rd).  Tickets are selling fast so go to the Events tab to get yours.  No matter where you sit, you’ll love this concert.  It’s rare to hear a songstress at this level locally so be sure to go.

Po-Shen LoMath in Games, Strategy and Invention

Professor Po-Shen Loh is an internationally reknown mathematics professor who is passionate about bringing math to life for people.  He has created an outstanding program for children and their families which is available this weekend.  Math in Games, Strategy and Invention is on Saturday at 10:30 am in Pavillion B at Pascack Brook County Park in Westwood (150 Emerson Rd).  This is a unique opportunity for 5th-8th graders and their families.

Harvestfest Craft Fair

Sunday is the day at Westwood’s Veterans Park (corner of 3rd and Broadway) for the Harvestfest Craft Fair.  Starting at 11 am and ending at 4 pm you have an entire day to admire and shop for crafts of every kind.  There will be over 100 vendors, a pumpkin patch and some antiques dealers too.  Don’t forget to grab a meal at one of Westwood’s many fine restaurants too.

car showRutherford Day & Classic Car Show

While Rutherford Day is really about promoting Rutherford’s community organizations and businesses, there’s also a classic car show.  If you know anything about classic car shows, get there early.  Rutherford is reknown for it’s extensive business district and many fine restaurants.  Consequently going out to dinner in town would be a very good idea.


Woodcliff Lake Oktoberfest woodcliff lake oktoberfest

Woodcliff Lake is putting on it’s annual Oktoberfest celebration.  This is really a fun day with everything you’d expect from a Biergarten to food trucks of all types.  Location is Marc Rinzler Memorial Field (off of Oak Ave) on Saturday from 4-9 pm

Quilts, Crafts, Fairs and More

This is what we have coming up in quilts, crafts, fairs and more.  Don’t forget about Fort Lee Restaurant Week either.  It’s ending this weekend. Go out to dinner or lunch and take advantage of special pricing.


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