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Englewood is having a sidewalk sale


Englewood is having a sidewalk sale this week.  It starts this Thursday, July 29th. and runs through Saturday the 31st.  Hours are 10 am to 5 pm.  This is one of Bergen County’s major sidewalk sales.  The entire Business District is participating.  You absolutely want to come because bargains are always fabulous.

This is big.  There isn’t one street missing.  Take a look at this list:  East & West Palisade Avenue, North & South Van Brunt Street, North & South Dean Street, Park Place and Grand Avenue.  Shops all along these streets will have tremendous bargains for sale.

What’s For Sale

englewood is having a sidewalk sale

There’s a wide variety of goods for sale. The City of Englewood has a business district filled with boutique stores that sell   everything from clothes to spa oils.  You’ll find women’s clothes and

shoes, of course, jewelry, healthfood store goods, children’s clothes, toys, gifts rIt’s always a lot of fun to just go up and down the streets poking around.  You’ll also see a large assortment of restaurants.  Plan on having lunch or dinner there.  Some of Bergen County’s best are in Englewood.

 Aladdin at Bergen PAC

Here’s another idea for you – go to the Englewood street fair on Saturday and then see Aladdin In Concert at Bergen Pac.  Tickets are only $25   You can order them online up until 3 pm on Thursday, the 29th, and you can also buy them at the door.  After the concert, then go to one of Englewood’s great restaurant for a fun filled day and night.

aladdinComing Up Next Month

While Englewood is having a sidewalk sale this week there’s also several events coming up soon in August.  Crafts, art and antiques are on display along with a Church Feast.  Street fairs get going again in September.  I’ll keep you up to date with all of this.

Maybe I’ll bump into you late tomorrow at the Englewood street fair.  I’ll be there late in the late afternoon because I have a listing appointment in the morning and I’m showing a customer condos mid-day.






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