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bergen county playersLive theater is back in Bergen County starting this coming Sunday night.  I don’t usually do 3 articles in 1 week.  Because this starts Sunday night, I need to let you know now.

Bergen County Players is doing 3 outdoor productions for free with the cooperation of Oradell and Westwood.  This is such fabulous news.

The Schedule of Plays

We haven’t had live theater since the pandemic shut down in March of last year.  It’s so great to see Bergen County Players putting on productions again.  All 3 are on Sunday nights.  Here’s the schedule:

  1. Love Letters on July 11th at the Westwood Bandstand
  2. Let Us Entertain You on July 25th at Oradell’s Memorial Park
  3. Blast From the Past: Songs of the 50’s & 60’s at Oradell’s Memorial Park

Please be sure to register for Love Letters.  They need to know how many people are coming to this free event.  Also, don’t forget to bring a chair or blanket with you too.

Bergen County Players

I’ve written about Bergen County Players before.  It’s so nice that live theater is back in Bergen County.  It’s even nicer to know that Bergen County Players (aka BCP) is re-opening this November.

There are several theater groups here.  Because they are so good, their productions are well attended.  BCP has amazing productions.  I’ve been to many of them andd not one has been disappointing.  In addition to dramas and musicals for adults, they also have plays for children.

I took my niece and her then 5 year old daughter to Jack and the Beanstalk.  It was so much fun.  The theater was, of course, filled with children.  The kids were mesmerized with what was happening.  After the show, the entire cast came out in costume to greet the children.  Can you imagine how excited they were?

BCP is located in an old fire house.  A few years ago they redid the place installing better lighting, new seats and a better sound system.  It’s a very intimate experience because it’s not a big theater.  However, it’s a very cool setting.

Live Theater Is Back in Bergen County

Live theater is back in Bergen County and that’s great.  We love our theater groups.  BCP is very possibly the best.  All of them  put on terrific productions.  We also had a children’s theater group too which I’m hoping will return.  Why do we love our local theater groups?  Because you can have a wonderful night out that’s affordable and easy.

Consider this:  It costs around $60 to drive to Broadway and park near the theater.  You can go out to a nice local restaurant and see a show at BCP for that much.

So go register for Love Letters now.  Enjoy a free night out at the theater this Sunday.  Make it a great night out by having dinner at one of Westwood’s highly rated restaurants too.  Need a recommendation?  Call me (201-741-8490).

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