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Golf in Bergen CountyGolf in Bergen County

Golf in Bergen County is a very big deal.  While there are several private golf clubs, let’s talk about our terrific public golf courses.

Bergen County has a robust parks department.  We have everything from camping grounds to winter downhill skiing.  Included in our County Parks System are 6 excellent public golf courses.  Bergen County golf encompasses all age groups, has a series of annual tournaments and a strong young golfer program too.  Golf is among the most popular activities of the Bergen County Parks System.

Covid Restrictions

Covid 19 has had an impact but it didn’t stop golf.  The season has just opened on all 6 courses.  You’ll find that courses are closing earlier than in pre-Covid times and golf carts are not in use.  There are a few less days each week too for golf.  Be that as it may, there’s still plenty of golf to enjoy for everyone.  Golf in Bergen County

Because golf is restricted to 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, the popular late afternoon and early evening play times are gone right now.  This is scheduled to change as we get further into the season.  Additionally there are staggered closings currently.  Darlington, Orchard Hills and Soldier Hill are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Overpeck, Rockleigh and Valley Brook are closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  As a result there is less availability at the moment but, again, this will change.

Covid protocols are firmly in place of course with masks required, sanitizing, temperature taking etc.  Everything is being done to protect golfers and staff alike in the most professional manner possible.

Here are our 6 Bergen County golf courses:

Darlington Golf Course

Darlington is a 72 par 18 hole golf course with a driving range and restaurant.  Location is 277 Campgaw Road in Mahwah NJ.

Orchard Hills Golf Course

Orchard Hills is the only 9 hole golf course in the Bergen County system.  It is a par 35 course but you can wind your way back for a full 18 with a 70 par.  Location is on the grounds of Bergen County Community College at 404 Paramus Road in Paramus.

Overpeck Golf Course

Overpeck is nearly 6,600 feet long.  This is an 18 hole par 72 course.  Because it’s big and relatively flat, wind is most definitely an issue here.  Location is 273 East Cedar Lane in Teaneck.

Rockleigh Golf Course

Rockleigh is Bergen County’s only 27 hole course.  It plays as 2 separate golf courses at the same time.  Because a short 9 hole course was added after the original 18, this became a 27 hole challenging experience.  As a result, championship tournaments are held at Rockleigh.  Additionally there’s a planned restaurant here which they’re finalizing now.

Soldier Hill Golf Course

Soldier Hill entered Bergen County golf only a few years ago when the County purchased the 18 hold par 71 Emerson Golf Club.  It took 1 year to renovate both the course and facilities.  Because it has a both a driving range and restaurant, this is one of the fully complete courses.  Location is 99 Palisade Ave in Emerson.

Valley Brook Golf Course

 Valley Brook isn’t long.  This 18 hole course is only a par 70.  While not long, it’s tough with no room for mistakes.  A fun challenge, it also has both driving range and restaurant.  Location is 15 Rivervale Road in River Vale.

Because changes are being made on an almost daily basis, go to the County website on this before doing anything else.  I truly expect close to the full program to open up before you know it.





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