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stuck insideWhat to do when you’re stuck inside is a very popular topic these days.  I thought how I’m answering this question might help.

Begin Positively

First of all, don’t sleep the day away.  Get up, get showered and get dressed.  Make your bed, straighten up your room and then have breakfast.  Clean up the kitchen and you’re ready to start your day.

You’re feeling good because you’ve accomplished something – you’ve started the day positively!

Planning Is Key

Now what do you do?  Make a plan.  No kidding at all.  Plan out your week incorporating these 3 things:

  • Makes you feel good
  • Accomplishes something
  • Is socially interactive with others


Exercise is critically important.  We’re inside, we’re eating because we’re bored and sitting a whole lot more than normal.  As a result we’re getting out of shape and weighing more.  Need motivation on this?  You’ll be in a bathing suit in a few months!!

Weather permitting, go outside (responsibly as the CDC advises) for a walk, jog or run.  Into exercise in a big way, have home equipment?  Go for it!

Do whatever you are allowed by your doctor.  Exercise is healthy and good for your psyche.

Checking In With People

Schedule checking in with family and friends.  Even call the Oscar the Grouch in your family.  You might be happily surprised with the reaction you get.  Call 1-2 people every day. call a senior

Because elderly people are often alone, a phone call means so much to them.  Think of anyone you know who is alone and call them.  Brighten up someone’s day.  Additionally, you’ll feel great.

Projects, Learning etc.

Let’s face it.  We’ve all said it: I wish I had the time to do XYZ.  Now you do.  That project you’ve been talking about is ready to be tackled.  Clean out the garage, organize that closet, order paint supplies for a bedroom, etc.

How about learning? You can audit college courses, learn about art, explore science and space exploration as well as anything you want.  It’s all there on the web for free.,,;; are only a few of the many opportunities out there for all ages.

Part of your day should be devoted to learning something new.

Social Interaction

Nothing replaces being with people.  As a result, Zoom and Skype are wonderful tools right now.  Personally I’m a Zoom user.  While there have been some hacking issues with Zoom, they claim they’ve got it fixed.  Go to the bottom of the page where Zoom tells you how to be safe.  Any website can be hacked these days unfortunately.

zoom meetingI’ve introduced Zoom to several people all of whom love it.  Why not do that?  Zoom allows you to hang out with friends just like you’re sitting across the table from each other.  Everyone needs social interaction.  While it’s not the same as being face to face, it works well.

Get Away From It All

Don’t let anxiety enter your world.  Travel into another environment.  Lose yourself in a book.  Google earth a trip around the world.  Visit a great museum online.  Find something that fascinates you and dive into it.

What to do when you’re stuck inside

This is my strategy and it’s working.  I’m relaxed and determined to do everything I can to stay healthy and help others.  I’m also working on my real estate business; my next article will be about the market.

Do you have any ideas on what to do when you’re stuck inside?  Let me know so I can share them.  Text or call me at 201-741-8490.






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