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inspection issues for sellersThere are ways to handle home inspection issues for sellers so both sides win.  While there are times when inspection issues do create insurmountable problems, this is a rare occurrence.  Why is it, then, that so many contracts fail due to home inspection issues?

Going On The Market For Sale

We start with where it begins – when you put you home on the market for sale.  You’ve removed clutter, staged it, manicured your exterior and hired cleaners.  I bring in professionals to do photos, a video tour, a floor plan and create brochures plus a website for your house.

Most people think you’re ready to go now.  Not really because you haven’t considered your home’s condition.

How A Home Inspector Looks At Things

Buyers evaluate the condition of a house through their home inspection.  Most sellers live in the house fixing things when something breaks.  That’s not how a home inspector sees things.  Inspectors will fail something even if it’s working simply because it’s older.  money pit

As a result, when an owner receives a buyer’s home inspection requests (sometimes the inspection report too), it’s often a shock and personally insulting.  You are upset and angry.  The buyer is demanding because that wonderful house they were buying is reduced to a money pit.

Do you think this is a good atmosphere for negotiating to a fair place for both sides?  It’s not of course.

Avoid Inspection Issues for Sellers

This is why I always recommend a pre-listing home inspection.  You’ll catch issues that you can fix now and fix for less. Since  fixing is often less than what a buyer imagines and/or demands you save a lot by doing this.

Home Warranties also pay for themselves.  Because home inspectors fail, for example, a furnace that’s working but old, you need this.  A home warranty costs a fraction of the cost of a new furnace.  Warranties are how you win by giving your buyer protection and peace of mind.

Preparation is the key to a successful house sale.  Sellers prepare best with a pre-listing inspection and home warranty.  You prepared how the house shows with cleaning, organizing, staging etc.  Prepare how the home’s condition displays with a pre-listing inspection and a home warranty.  This is exactly how you win with home inspection issues.

If you need advice on this, the names of good home inspectors or want a home warranty brochure, just text or call me at 201-741-8490

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