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home inspection reportHome inspection issues for buyers are huge.  You hire a home inspector to uncover problems so you don’t buy the money pit.

Why It’s Stressful

Let’s step back a minute and consider this:  Buying a home is stressful.  I work very hard at preparing my customers but it’s still an anxious as well as exciting time.  Everyone knows that purchasing “big ticket” items comes with anxiety.  It’s worse when you buy a home due to it’s cost.

Here’s something else too – the process.  There’s so many aspects to learn that you never come across in your daily life.

The key to it all is preparation.  I spent a lot of time creating the Buyers section of my website.  If you go through it, you’ll be fully educated and properly prepared.  As a result, your stress level will be cut in half or more.

Be Prepared And Win

You need to be fully prepared for your home inspection too.  I believe that you should line up a home inspector early on.  What usually happens is that when Attorney Review concludes, you’re told to get the house inspected that weekend.  You haven’t even started to look for an inspector in most cases.

Research home inspectors and find one even before you find the house.  Timing is important too.  The sales contract gives you enough time to get the inspector you want.  Don’t be pressured into the 1st inspector who’s to available.

The Home Inspection inspection issues for buyers

You may have questions about some things – bring those questions along with you.  Only ask them when the inspector is at that part of the house.  If you rattle off all your questions at once, your inspector will be focused on answers and thrown off track.

Always stay with your inspector as he goes through the house.  You learn a lot and you’ll think of even more questions.

When an inspector finds problems, don’t panic.  It took a lot of searching and work on your part to find this house.  You love it so don’t lose it because everyone you know is telling you horror stories.  Do things right.  Get contractors in to evaluate and talk to your attorney.  Cancel the sale if what the inspector finds is truly too much to deal with.

When I represent a buyer, I actually hope termites are found without damage.  Every home for hundreds (if not thousands) of miles around gets termites.  Sellers must treat for termites.  If the little beasts are found and no harm’s done, you’re ahead.


Home inspection issues for buyers can be handled.  Try to keep your emotions in check.  When problems are found, evaluate them thoroughly and then make a decision.  You can proceed, negotiate concessions from the seller or cancel the contract.  Discuss this with your attorney.  If you need the name of some good inspectors or more advice, text or call me at 201-741-8490

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