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van saun county park playgroundVan Saun Park in Paramus NJ is one of Bergen County’s most popular County Parks.  It’s big at 146 acres and gives you a wide variety of things to do.  Because it’s a County Park there is something for everyone.  I go there often with my dog Mickey.  We take long walks through the park and it’s always a wonderful experience.  Here’s what this terrific park has to offer you:

Children, Playgrounds, Pony Rides, Carousel & A Train

Parents bring their children to the extensive playground where they climb, swing, run, slide and more.  There’s even a special section engineered for handicapped children and those in wheelchairs.

Pony rides are another attraction for children.  Bergen County has pony rides for a small fee at Van Saun Park from May through most of October.   From 10 am through 5 pm there is also a wonderful carousel complete with corny music and flashing lights.  Children love trains and Van Saun has a great miniature train that choo choo’s along not far from the carousel and zoo. 

Bergen County Zoological Park

Van Saun is the location for the Bergen County Zoo.  You can find information about the park on the Friends of the Bergen County Zoo website and on Bergen County’s website as well.  If you go to the County’s website, you’ll find the fee schedule for the train and pony rides as well.  Because of our winters, all of these are open around mid April and close by the end of October or, weather permitting, mid November.

Bergen County’s Zoological Park has a lot going on.  There are events all year long and they keep adding animals every year.  For Halloween they have their annual Zoo Boo which just closed.  These events are geared towards children for fun and education too.

Bergen County Zoological ParkFishing, Picnics, Baseball, Soccer and Fairs

You’ll find a large pond at the southern end of the park where you can fish or just stroll by.  Additionally there are baseball or softball fields, picnic tables all over, a soccer field and several times during spring and summer fairs.  The fairs occupy one of the large parking lots with all sorts of rides and food trucks.

When I walk through the park with my dog, I often see large family gatherings barbecuing food and just enjoying being together.  Some people set up volley ball nets others picnic near the children’s playground and others just stay away from it all.  There are as many options as you’d like to have a barbecue in the park.

George Washington

There’s also a bit of history in this park.  New Jersey was one of the original 13 Colonies and there were major battles all throughout Bergen County during the Revolution.  When General George Washington was retreating against the British on his way to crossing the Delaware at Fort Lee.  In fact, there’s a museum about this in Fort Lee.  Van Saun has a spring where Washington is said to have stopped and had a drink of water.  There is a beautiful, peaceful walk created here which you do not want to miss when you visit the Van Saun County Park.

Dogs Love Van Saun Too

Bring your dog to Van Saun Park but only on a leash.  I take my dog, Mickey, all the time and he has so much fun sniffing all Pony Rideover and meeting children who give him tons of attention.  There’s also a dog run in Van Saun where your pup can play with other dogs.  There is a big and small dog section so no matter the size, this dog park works for you.

Go to Van Saun County Park this weekend.  Because it’s location is near the center of Bergen County, it’s really convenient.  You can enter off of Forest Ave or Continental Ave.  Either way, just come and enjoy this wonderful park.

If you’d like more information about Van Saun or any one of our terrific parks, text or call me at 201-741-8490.





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