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coyoteCoyotes are everywhere in the NYC metro area.  I know this might sound strange but they’ve been spotted all over.  To name a few places, coyotes have been seen in Manhattan, Westchester County, Rockland County, Bergen County and Long Island.  It seems that no matter where you live these days around New York City, coyotes are there.  We find them 2 hours and more away from NYC too.

How to Recognize a Coyote

Because these animals are canines, people often mistake them for a dog.  Look at the picture above.  While nearly everyone will think this is a dog, it isn’t.  This is a coyote.  Since they have very bushy tails, it really is easy to recognize them.  Take a look at the next picture and you’ll see what I mean.  Dogs don’t have tails like this.  As a result, it’s easy to spot them. 


Coyotes are predators.  Because of this, they can be dangerous.  They feed on small animals but also animals as big as deers.  While they prefer small animals they will eat almost anything.  Whatever comes their way is fine which is why they are called opportunistic feeders.

Because pets and small children can be prey for these animals, you must not leave them outside alone.  It’s important to be vigilant.  Since coyotes hunt in packs they can easily take down a dog or a small child.  Last week a sole coyote attacked a woman in Mahwah.

Don’t Invite Them

It’s true that coyotes are everywhere in the NYC metro area.  However that doesn’t have to mean you’ll meet one.  The key is to not leave food around outside and to keep your garbage cans securely shut.  Because they are opportunistic feeders, you invite them into your home by leaving food around outside.  Don’t give them a reason to come by leaving food around or access to your garbage cans.

If You See One

In all the articles I’ve found the first advice is to not run.  This is followed by make a loud noise and then throw something at them.  The lady in Mahwah who was attacked and bitten had started to run away when she saw a coyote on her property.  The best website I found is the Urban Coyote Research Project from Cook County (where Chicago is located) and Ohio State University.

Generally speaking, they won’t bother you if you don’t bother them.  This assumes that you are not inviting them in.  Coyotes are everywhere in the NYC metro area and across the US too.



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