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renting in bergen countyRenting in Bergen County can be done in several ways.  Let’s explore them now –


There are various ways to rent an apartment or a home or a condo privately.  You might know someone who has a property to rent or a friend of a friend. has a classified section of rental listings.  While a lot of the ads are from Realtors some are also directly from the landlord. is another site to check out.

Craigslist has rental listings but be careful because there can be a lot of fraud there.  Criminals steal listings, post them as their own and tell you to send them money for access.

Management Company

There are property management companies with hundreds of apartments.  You meet the superintendent who shows you the property.  Management companies charge a processing fee which often comes to a few hundred dollars.  A good property management company where you might find a rental is Hekemian & Company in Hackensack (201-487-1500).

Through A Realtor

Using a real estate agent in northern New Jersey involves a 1 month broker fee paid by the tenant.  This is why, frankly, some tenants try the other options first.  Landlords use real estate agents because they feel more secure with the qualifying process and want professional marketing.  Agents can often find a tenant quicker too.  Why would a tenant use a real estate agent?  Because a lot of good properties are in the MLS system plus this saves a lot of time and effort.

What You Should Know About Renting in Bergen County

New Jersey discrimination law is reportedly the strictest in the US.  The only time things are more relaxed is when the landlord lives in a building of up to 4 units.  This is because landlords are entitled to “quiet enjoyment” in their primary residence.  As a result, landlords can deny a family with young children for an apartment right above them.

New Jersey’s booklet on tenant rights, the Truth in Renting Guide, is in both English and Spanish.  There is an appendix on window guards for children 10 years of age and younger.  If you have such children, please be sure to read this appendix.

It is illegal in NJ for a landlord to require more than 1.5 month’s rent as a security deposit.  Whether a private rental or one with a real estate agent, be prepared for this.  If you have a pet you might have to pay an additional monthly pet rent.

You need tenant insurance during the term of your lease.  I see a lot of landlords requiring a $300,000 liability amount so I guess this is a good idea. Most people pay $175-300 depending on the rental size.

I hope this article on renting in Bergen County has been of help.  If you need a rental or have a property to rent, I’d appreciate a call at 201-741-8490.


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