Posted by & filed under Buying, Homeowner Tips, Selling. was a new website when I wrote a blog article about it in 2010.  Since then it has become an extremely popular resource for home owners as well as home buyers and sellers.  It has grown and evolved over the years to answer consumer feedback.

Your Money

My original article on House Logic  explained that this website is more than just instructions on how to paint a room.  It’s really very comprehensive.  The Your Money  section still has tips on how to repair your credit but there’s so much more for you.

I love the What To Know About Your Credit Before Buying A Home article under Financing.  Written by Mary Beth Storjohann, this is a great piece that answers so many questions about credit scores.

home remodelingMake Improvements

Under Improve, you’ll find 1 section by room, a 2nd on remodeling and a 3rd on how to be organized and take care of your home.

These are all very important topics because not doing any of this right creates expensive and disastrous results.  I’ve written several blog articles about how to maintain your home because this is so important.  House Logic has tons of great tips for you and do it yourself advice too.

Basement Flooding

While most real estate oriented websites paint rosy pictures – sometimes I think I’m in the Land of Oz things are so perfect – House Logic is realistic.  For example, would you expect a website from the National Association of Realtors to talk about basement flooding?  This site does.  flooded basement

There’s actually an article on what to do if your basement floods.  No kidding at all.  This is not something that might endear you to home ownership but it’s here.  How to Cleanup (and forget the Nightmare) of Basement Flooding is both well written and very helpful.

Summary accomplishes what the National Association of Realtors wanted.  It is a terrific website that’s a great resource for everyone who has an interest in residential real estate.  Because it’s written with you in mind, it’s easy to navigate, has the information you want and important information you didn’t even know you need.

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