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How to find school informationHow to find school information is a question I hear often.  Most of my customers are families with children so information on Bergen County schools is important.  Let’s find out about this.

Be Careful of What You Find

Everyone goes online to do research.  Whether it’s about buying a home or checking out the best price for a PC, we all do it.  The problem with this is that not all websites are valid.  It’s worth remembering that every time you click on a commercial website, that site makes money.  It’s also worth remembering that anyone can put up a website and publish information that’s not properly verified.

I have no doubt this is true about some school information websites.  There are so many school rating websites out there that it’s easy to be misled.  How  do those websites rate schools – by what protocol?  What I can tell you is that a lot of those websites have information based on standards I wouldn’t believe.  A very popular website uses parent reviews.  How does this make sense?  If a child doesn’t do well in a class, can you imagine the parents writing a good review on that school?

Where To Go For School Information

The State of New Jersey is the best and most comprehensive source of school information.  The New Jersey School Performance Report surveys every school district in the State.  This information is updated every 2 years.  I have all of this on my website.

Another great source of information are the schools themselves.  These websites can give you a good insight into a school along with valuable information. I have a link to every Bergen County school website.  Just scroll down this page and you’ll find “Local School Links” to every Bergen County school site.

New Jersey Monthly Magazine  has a very popular bi-annual report that rates the top high schools in New Jersey.  They are also completely transparent in how they do this because they publish how they rate schools.  This report is a very popular report and sells out in hours even though it’s online too.

Your Bergen County School Choice

I know that there are several popular school rating websites.  However I encourage you to use the New Jersey School Performance Report.  It’s on my website and you’ll also find a link to technical schools too.  Please consider this – a school district is more than SAT or ACT scores.  Bergen County is renown for the strength of our public schools.  No matter where you buy a Bergen County home, you’ll find a fine school district.



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