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softballOne of the really terrific advantages of living in any Bergen County town are the varied activities available to you.  From infants to senior citizens it seems that there’s something going on every week.  Now that Major League Baseball has begun and Little League is about to get underway, it’s natural to look forward to afternoons at the ball park enjoying our National Pastime with a hot dog and a soda.

Unfortunately for adult ladies watching is the operative word.  While there are plenty of men’s softball leagues, women haven’t had the same opportunities up until recently.  There’s a change that came for many from New Milford, NJ.

New Milford has a relatively new women’s softball league. Among the requirements are that you must be a New Milford resident and 30 years of age or older.  New Milford calls this a “fun league” and also posts on it’s website that it’s “regardless of skill level”.  I don’t think it matters how much over 30 you are and best of all for many of us, any degree of talent allowed!

This promises to be a lively softball league.  The schedule is very convenient because games will be played on Sundays.  They anticipate that this will run some time from mid May to August every year.  For the 2019 season, it starts on June 2nd  through the last Sunday in July (the 27th).  So if your sister, mom or grandmother has been looking at her other half of the family from the sidelines, she doesn’t have to any longer in New Milford.

New Milford is saying to all of it’s adult 30+ ladies “Batter up – let’s play softball!”

I wrote this article in 2017 based on information I had then.  Maura Henyecz contacted me to say that there are mistakes in my article.  Maura is the Assistant Director of New Milford’s Recreation Department.  Because Maura let me know this, I made changes.  Thank you Maura!

4 Responses to “Say Ladies! New Milford Has Got A Women’s Softball League!”

  1. Meghan Lynch

    Is this league still open for 2019? I just want to play, and looking for a league to join. Is this fast pitch or slow pitch? I live in Westwood but know the town well.

    • Bergen County Real Estate Agent

      Hi Meghan and thank you for reaching out to me. I apologize for not being on top of things but I’ve simply been overwhelmed because I was helping to cover for people who observe Passover. I’ve messaged the New Milford Rec Department to ask if out of town ladies can participate. Usually the cutoff for registering is towards the end of this month. As soon as I hear, I’ll be back to you. They do have a Facebook page where you can register but I want to be sure it’s OK if you don’t live in town. Here’s the link –

  2. Maura Henyecz

    I run the this league in NM, you have tons of mis information in this article…please take this article down.

    Maura Henyecz
    Assistant Recreation Director

    • Bergen County Real Estate Agent

      I will gladly take the article down but can you tell me what is incorrect? I do a lot of research before I post an article so I would appreciate the help on this.