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How do you know which town is right for you?  You can change the house, knock it down and build new, expand it or just keep it.  What you can not change is the land or where the house is located.  As a result, buying a home involves choosing a town.  You need to figure out which town is right for you.

70 Bergen County Towns

Bergen County has 70 different towns.  We have small hamlets, urban neighborhoods and country areas with horses.  Prices go from around $150,000 to just under $30 million.  Styles range from antique colonials to modern grand scale mansions.  While having so many choices is great, it can also be overwhelming.  Let’s figure out which town is right for you now.

Doing The Right Financials

Begin with an identified budget.  I know you do this online but online pre-approvals are often quite preliminary.  How come?  Because online systems usually lack accurate property tax and home insurance costs for a local area.

As a result, you don’t have a budget you can safely rely on.  A great banker is also an advisor.  He/She will listen to your needs and together you create a budget that is right for you.  Rick Casatelli in my office does this brilliantly.

Identifying Your Needs

Over half of all home buyers are families with children.  As a result, schools are very important to them.  I have an entire section on Bergen County’s schools to help you.

Getting to work is the other top consideration for most home buyers.  Do you drive to work?  If so you need a town that’s accessible to highways.  Do you use public transportation?  Use New Jersey Transit’s website  Put in a home’s address and they’ll tell you how to commute.

Relatives can be another consideration if they live here.  Is it important to be near them?  Bergen County is big – it can take just under 1 hour to go from one end to the other.

Your Choices

Once you’ve identified a budget and locations that work for you, then together with your agent you’ll find the right towns.  Once you do, you’ll find the right house too!

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