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All Agents Are Not The Same

While buyers often research their attorney, few do so when finding an agent.  The truth is that all agents are not the same.  You need to find a great agent for yourself.

Because so much information is available on the internet, many buyers devalue agents.  Buyers feel that they have all the information.  They look at real estate agents as door openers, less informed and just out to make a commission.

To be fair, some agents are part timers.  As a result they can’t have the expertise and market knowledge required.  If it were up to me, only full time real estate agents would represent buyers and sellers.  Oh well.

Finding A Great Agent

CRSA great agent is a full time professional.  They invest in their business.  If they’ve been an agent for several years, they should have a website and advanced designations.  The top designation for a sales agent is the CRS.  Less than 4% of all Realtors have achieved this.  Buyers will want to look for the ABR designation too.

What are their reviews like?  Is there a common theme of caring professionalism?  Sometimes great agents don’t have a lot of reviews.  I don’t because I keep forgetting to send clients the required links.  And I haven’t asked my friends and relatives to recommend me………….

You may be surprised to know that new agents can be spectacular.  One of our new agents achieved the NJ State Circle of Excellence Award in her first year.  Fewer than 10% of all active agents achieve this award.

As a result, the number of years an agent is licensed or the number of reviews isn’t a reliable indication of ability.  ABR

A great agent should take the extra time to educate you.  If you go to the Buyers section of my website,you’ll see that I take a consultative approach.  This is because I want my customers to know what they’re doing in all aspects.

Excellent communication is essential.  If you and your agent don’t have good rapport, get someone else.

Choose Wisely

Because so many buyers think all agents are alike, they often choose unwisely.  You don’t need a charming “Yes Man” so to speak.  You need an agent who: is an expert on market values/trends, knows mortgages, can tell you about the towns/local information and can explain the process.

Circle of ExcellenceA great agent has integrity and truly cares.  Such a person has the strength and wisdom to guide you to a successful home purchase.

Do better than hire a charming smile.  Don’t overlook a newer agent.  Make sure the agent cares and is willing to do everything possible to make your real estate transaction a success.


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