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I know.  I’m not supposed to knock other agents and I won’t.  However there are things your listing agent shouldn’t do in my humble opinion yet I see it all the time.  So take a ride with me down the I Don’t Want This lane:


Did you know that a great many homes come on the market in the MLS system without pictures?  Some days as much as half of the newly listed homes have no pictures.  This can last for days.  Because pictures more than anything else are what captures a buyer, this is a huge mistake.  As a result, buyers looking in the internet skip by your home.

I get it.  It takes a few days to have professional pictures done.  While this is true, it’s also not impossible for a listing agent to at least take a photo of the front of your house.  Almost anything is better than nothing,   Well maybe not almost anything.

A group of agents I know every year have a contest.  It’s actually fun and very easy.  Who can find the worst picture of a listing?  IPhones and Galaxy 9’s are great but they can never replace a good digital SLR.  How about those pictures where the window looks like a light bulb in a dark room?  Or where the house is at a 45 degree angle?  Always have your agent get professional photographs.

Here’s another big mistake – file size.  Go online and look at some homes.  There are pictures you can sail through and there are pictures where you watch that little circle go round and round and round.  You’re selling a house.  You want the buyer to like your house.  Why do you irritate that buyer with file sizes that are too big to work?


Your agent tells you that your home is so special that we must have a 24-48 hour advance notice.  That stops all spontaneous showing requests and turns off agents.  I believe this is just fluff and puff to stroke a homeowner’s ego in order to get the listing.

Here is another mistake:  Your agent tells you that they will accompany all showings.  This is more fluff and puff because showings can never be scheduled perfectly.  Buyers can take more or less time than expected.  Having to be at any house at a specific time to satisfy a listing agent’s needs is too restrictive.  There are other instances where your agent is late.  While some homeowners do need a good deal of advance notice, this is rare.

We have electronic lockboxes.  This gives you full accountability.  Make your home accessible always.  You can’t sell it if you make it hard to get into.


There are homes that are re-listed several times and the showing remarks never change.  There are homes that are on the market a long while with the same showing remarks.  IF you do it right, showing remarks should contain the right keywords to draw in your buyer.  They should also not be a repeat of the floor plan.  Remarks should paint an emotional picture to appeal to your buyer so that they can’t wait to see your home.

Here’s something else – why not change the remarks often to keep the listing fresh and draw out different buyer groups for a home?  For example, remarks can be written towards families or professionals or artists or empty nesters for the same house.

Check Your Listing

I see so many listings with horrible pictures, wrong file sizes, lousy remarks and, at times, incorrect information.  No kidding on this at all.  I just saw a home listed as a foreclosure when it was not.  Just a mistake but it was there.  Look at your home’s MLS listing from time to time.  Make sure what you see is what’s supposed to be there.  Don’t be a victim of things your listing agent shouldn’t do.

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