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Get your house ready for winterGet your house ready for winter now.  Doing just a few basic maintenance items will avoid huge and expensive problems later on.

Your Furnace

Have a professional heating contractor clean and service your furnace.  A well maintained furnace usually lasts longer than it’s rating, is more energy efficient and doesn’t break down during the heating season.

PSEG has a great maintenance program for a standard gas furnace at $8.99 per month.  Go to PSEG’s website  and scroll down for the furnace only option.  There are also many heating contractors who offer maintenance programs too.

Have your furnace and hot water heater exhaust pipes checked too.  If something’s not right, carbon monoxide gas can back up and enter your home.

Gutters & Roof

Because gutters are a key part of water management, they are critical to your home’s health.  Make sure your gutters are clean and down spouts run as they should.  Speaking of down spouts, be sure that they discharge water away from your house.

Roofs take a beating in winter weather.  Call a roof repair company in to inspect your roof for problems.  Small repairs now avoid major leaks later.  roof shingle repair

Lawns & Bushes

Rake, mow, water and fertilize your lawn and shrubs as needed.  You can speak to your landscaper about fertilizer or go to a local nursery.  Also ask about pruning shrubs.

Tree Care & Power Lines

Trees need care too before the winter.  Click Here to read my blog article on this.  Even though it talks about spring time, it applies to the Fall too.

Power lines snap during winter storms because tree branches hit or fall on them.  Read this blog article that gives you advice on what to do.


Make sure your snow blower, shovels etc. are in good working order.  When it’s no longer time to mow the lawn, get your lawn mower serviced and clean/put away your gardening tools.  Get a supply of ice melt too.

Sealing Your House

Weather proofing and sealing up your home is always a good idea both inside and out.  If you’ve lived in your home through at least 1 winter, you pretty much know where the problems are.  You can call in a contractor and also check out PSEG’s website on this.

downed power linesDon’t forget about insulation.  You may need to add some.  Call in a contractor if you’re not expert on this.  You need the right placement and the right type.

Get your house ready for winter now.  This avoids havoc and saves you thousands in unwanted repairs.  Need more help?  Need a contractor?  Call me at 201-741-8490.







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