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hot dogs in bergen countyHot dogs in Bergen County

Hot dogs are popular in Bergen County.  Because they are so popular here we have many hot dog restaurants that are legendary.  Most span decades of gastronomic success and some have even been endorsed by celebrities.  Whether snow’s on the ground or the sun is baking at 90 degrees, we love our hot dog spots.

Some Local Spots to Try Out

I think the most well known is Hiram’s in Fort Lee.  There used to be 2 hot dog stands with a fierce rivalry between them – Hirams and Callahan’s.  They were next to each other when I grew up.  Callahan’s has relocated but Hiram’s is still here.  It’s a step back in time as are so many of these.  Hiram’s is as great as it’s always been.

Fort Lee property became so valuable that Callahan’s had to move when the lot was sold.  They’ve relocated to Norwood and nothing else has changed.  It’s still the same deep fried deliciousness that I hot dogs in bergen countyremember as a teenager.

The cutest hot dog stand ever is the Hot Dog Caboose.  It’s in a real train caboose and it’s painted that wonderful crimson red color.  Located in Midland Park it’s been the place to go for the southwest corner of Bergen County. They have outside tables when the weather permits as well.

Jolly Nick’s (201-501-0889) is a Dumont institution.  Have you ever eaten their chilli dog?  It’s amazing.  I also love their onion rings.  The original owner retired years ago; now his son does the cooking.  Small and cute Jolly Nick’s deserves a visit.

Johnny and Hanges opened on the day that Lou Gehrig announced his retirement in Yankee Stadium in 1939.  It’s modern reincarnation in Fair Lawn has maintained the original recipe for it’s famous chilli sauce.  It’s as popular today as it was nearly 80 years ago.

Highway Road Stands

If you’re driving on Route 17 South near Carlstadt and East Rutherford stop in at The Hot Dog House (201-935-5803).  This small family run establishment has been around for years with a loyal following.  Not open for dinner but try it for lunch.

hot dogs in bergen countyRoute 46 East in Lodi is where you’ll find Hank’s Franks (973-473-8589).  This is another local favorite that is famous for its big selection of homemade toppings as well as terriific sauerkraut.  Like The Hot Dog House these hot dog stands are what we used to call truck stops when I was growing up.  Truck stops always meant great food reasonably priced.

Not in Bergen County But….

You can’t talk about hot dogs without mentioning Rutt’s Hut.  Even though it’s located in neighboring Clifton many people here swear by it.  Famous and often voted #1 in northern New Jersey, you really have to experience it at least once.

I’m sure you’ll agree by now that hot dogs are very popular in Bergen County.  While you’re here go get a dog at any of these places – you won’t be disappointed.

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