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real estate attorneyWhy This is A Mistake

Hiring an attorney based on cost is a mistake.  If you needed brain surgery, would you run around looking for the cheapest brain surgeon?  You know, the guy who advertises he’ll beat everyone’s price?  I don’t think so.

So why look for the cheapest real estate attorney when you’re making the biggest purchase of your life?

Great real estate attorneys do so much more than review the sales contract.  They offer you a level of protection no one else can.

The Value of a Real Estate Attorney

Attorneys protect you.  I repeat.  Attorneys protect you.  Here are some ways they do:

  • They’re not focused on “keeping the deal together”
  • They don’t outsource their work
  • You are kept in the proper perspective
  • Attorneys have the skill and experience you need

Great real estate attorneys are focused on protecting your interests.  If they feel this can’t be done, they advise you to find another house.  This takes integrity.  It’s so much easier to keep things together and go on to the next client.

Attorneys may have legal assistants but they read every document to make sure it’s right.  Did you know some attorneys outsource work overseas to save costs?  You want an attorney who reads everything carefully.

Buying a home is emotional.  No one moves into a house they hate.  As a result it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important for you.  Attorneys keep things in perspective and alert you to issues that are critically important.

Lawyers have the legal skill to truly understand contracts, title policies, surveys and deeds.  I sure don’t.


Hiring an attorney based on cost is such a mistake.  You are spending hundreds of thousands on a house.  The difference is often only a few hundred dollars.  It can work both ways too.  Some excellent attorneys aren’t all that expensive.

Ask me for the names of some excellent attorneys and I’ll send you a list.  Call them up and talk to them.  You need to find someone you feel comfortable with.  You should also communicate well over the phone because most everything is done on the phone.  Then hire that real estate attorney and relax.  Your attorney has your back.

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