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curb appealWhy This Is Important

It is so important to improve your home’s curb appeal when selling your house.  The moment your home comes into view it must sparkle in a home buyer’s eye.  I wrote an article recently on the importance of front doors.  In it I explain what happens when your front door has no zip.  Because curb appeal is so important, I’m following that article up with one today on curb appeal in general.

Start by Taking A Look

Pretend you are a home buyer.  Take a good, hard look at the front of your house.  Is there anything about it that’s inviting, welcoming?  Does it have sizzle?  Or does it look like other similar homes?  The point is that your home should stand out.  It should be a house that people notice and admire when they walk by.

Begin With A Cleanup

Begin with a general cleanup of the grounds around your entire house.  Make sure your walk and front steps are free of branches, leaves, etc.  Look at your gutters and improve your home's curb appealdownspouts.  Do they need to be power washed?  How about your front windows?

Here’s a tip – have your front windows cleaned professionally inside and out.  They’ll sparkle in the sun and let more light inside.


Take a look at the window framing, roof fascia, front railings, garage door framing and the door itself.  If it’s weathered, has peeling paint et


c. give it a fresh coat of paint.  Doing so also sends the message that you maintain your home.

Flower Beds and Edging

Edge the grass along the walks for a crisp look.  Add mulch to your flower beds.  Plant colorful flowers like petunias, begonias, impatiens.  How about a colorful flower pot by the front door or flowers on each front step to one side?

Lighting, Mail Boxes and Numbers

curb appealIt might be time to paint that mailbox or shine it up with something like Never Dull.  Clean your front lights and make sure the light bulbs work.  Consider your home’s street number.  What does it look like?  Is it on the house?  It should be.

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal To Win

Doing all of this gives you a crisp, clean look that adds value to your home.  Colorful plantings and sparkling windows adds the sizzle you need to get more buyers in the door.  As a result, your home sells quicker and for more.

This is also a win for home buyers because they get a house that has the great curb appeal of a well maintained exterior.  Put yourself ahead of the competition.  Improve your home’s curb appeal.

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