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home stagingHome Staging Starts With Front Doors

Home staging starts with front doors.  Homeowners think about the interior when they stage a home for sale.  While interiors are important so are exteriors.  How a home presents at the first view is critical.  This sets the tone of a buyer’s expectations.  Think about it.  Would you be enthusiastic about a home that’s drab on the outside?  We call this curb appeal and it can make you or break you.

Why It Works

Let’s say you are out looking at homes on a Sunday.  You’re going from open house to open house and it’s getting close to 4 pm when most end.  You drive up to a home, look at it from the car and go on to the next because it has no appeal.  There is nothing about it that makes you want to go inside when the time is tight.  You’ll do this when there’s plenty of time to look too.  Buyers will often say to their agent “Let’s pass on this one.” if the exterior isn’t appealing.

This happens a lot; more often than you’d think.  I know because I am constantly either showing homes or looking at them.  Seller’s believe they should wait until May to put their homes on the market.  Why?  Because flowers are blooming, the grass is green and the trees have their leaves back.  It looks better outside so they wait.

Waiting Till May Is Often A Mistake

home staging

Waiting till May is often a mistake because people who want to move in July are already in contract on a home.  Buyers know that they must move into their new home by early to mid August if they have children.  Moving later means that their children might not start school on time.  It can take 2 weeks to get children registered for school and some aren’t open the last week in August.

Back this up 45 days.  That’s how long the process takes after you’re through Attorney Review.  Attorney Review can take 7-10 days.  So now we’re closing in on 2 months time.  That takes you back to early June.  Buyers need to have their offer accepted by early June to be sure they move in by mid August.

It takes a while to look for a home and find it.  If you want to move in July, you are looking in February and March with offers made in April.  Waiting until May puts your home on the market at the tail end of the market.  There are still way more closings in July than in August so waiting till May is almost always a mistake.  Staging a home doesn’t have to wait.


How To Win

home staging

Stage your exterior so you catch most of the buyers.  Don’t wait till May.  Home staging starts at the front door.  You’ll be amazed at what a coat of fresh paint can do.  Polishing door knobs does wonders too.  Plant winter cabbage to add color and warmth then get your home on the market in early to mid March.  Don’t miss your opportunity to be seen by the majority of spring home buyers.

This is a win win.  You’re giving buyers another home to look at while you’re open to the greatest number of them.  What could be better?  The bottom line is that curb appeal counts tremendously.  You can have great curb appeal any time of year if you know what to do.  Need help?  Just call me at 201-741-8490.

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