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bergen county homes was hackedBergen County Homes Was Hacked

I have to admit that Bergen County Homes was hacked.  To be more specific, the hackers invaded this blog and created a large amount of problems.

They changed sentences in an article.  They inserted weird links and weird sentences that had nothing to do with the article’s subject.  In addition, this was done sporadically through the entire inventory of blog articles.

Because there was no rhyme or reason to how they did it, I had to check every blog article.  As a result, it took a few days and the help of my excellent webmaster, Sizzling Studios.

Hacked Examples For You

I bet you’re wondering what exactly happened.  Here’s some examples for you.  I wrote an article on how the real estate market was performing.  The hacker inserted a sentence in the middle of a paragraph about paint with a link to a paint store in New Mexico.  Sometimes they added to a sentence to an article that made no sense whatsoever and had a very weird appearing link.  Additionally they would change a sentence or paragraph into something that was very rude or negative.bergen county homes was hacked

I was very lucky, however, because nothing off color was involved.  That can happen too.  Although what they did might seem trivial to you, it’s really not.  Because of this anyone reading my blog would find it unprofessional at best or worry that it was sending them a virus.  Clients expecting to hear from me didn’t because I was afraid to do anything until this mess was fixed.  There is also the amount of time it took to get this fixed.  As a result, this was quite an unhappy situation.

Protecting Bergen County Homes & My Internet Ability

My Bergen County Homes website – – was created at the end of 1994 and officially launched in January bergen county homes was hacked1995.  That is 23 years without any trouble like this.  It could be that I took things too lightly.  Because I did, I have not changed my password for a long time and that’s the problem.

They hacked my site and got into my blog because they somehow got my password.  For sophisticated hackers this is not all that hard to do.  It is really a lack of concern on my part that made me vulnerable.  When I teach real estate agents and other people about technology, I always emphasize the need to change passwords regularly.  Oh well.

Because we all use the internet extensively we are more and more vulnerable.  We do so much needing so many passwords that it simply becomes overwhelming.  This is where a password manager comes in.  It solves the problem because it makes changing passwords regularly easy.  As a result, I am currently investigating this and plan to get one within the next 24 hours.  Consumer Reports has a terrific article on password managers by the way.

So if you went to my Bergen County Homes website or my blog and saw something weird, you have my apologies.  Use my unhappy experience as a kind warning and change all your passwords today.

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