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homes from bergenfield to tenaflyEnthusiasm sells homes from Bergenfield to Tenafly and throughout Bergen County.  Step forward into the real estate market positively.  Enthusiasm is contagious so if you market a home with excitement it will radiate in the marketplace.

I see so much negativity out there recently.  It’s the wrong time of year.  There’s snow on the ground.  The lawn isn’t green.  Flowers are not blooming.  Wait till spring when it’s better.  Open houses won’t work because buyers are not out.

Excuses don’t work.  Neither does negative thinking.  You want to move so do it.  Go into the market if this is the right time for you to move.  Enthusiasm sells so let’s be positive.

Don’t worry about pictures at this time of year.  Your agent should use a professional photographer for great results.  Every home has a special beauty of its own.  It’s your agent’s job to bring that out and emphasize it.  You want the right buyer – not any buyer – because the right buyer will love your home like you do.  As a result you will have a better offer and a smoother transaction with everyone winning.

Because so many people look at this time of year negatively, you don’t have much competition.  This puts you in a much better place to get a higher price.  It’s the law of supply and demand.  Demand is strong.  There are tons of buyers out there and the supply of homes for sale now  is extremely low.  Why would anyone think this is not a good time to market your home for sale?

Buyers look at this time of year negatively too.  No homes for sale so I’ll wait till spring.  It’s a pain to go out in the cold and snow to look.  While we’re having a thaw right now, we all know that cold weather is on it’s way back soon.

Because more buyers are out in the spring, there’s more competition for buyers too.  Interest rates are on the way up as well.  Even if there aren’t as many homes for sale now, if you find one the cost is less because rates are lower now than later in the year.  The biggest cost of owning a house is the mortgage so if you save on the rate, you’re really ahead.  This is true for homes from Bergenfield to Tenafly as well as the rest of Bergen County. home from bergenfield to tenafly

Think about what it will be like in the spring.  More homes for sale but many more buyers competing for them.  With projected higher rates this is not a great scenario for a buyer.  Don’t think of this time of year negatively because it offers you a better deal in many ways.  Rates should be lower and there’s fewer buyers competing against you.

With the early months of every year being the start of the spring market, this time of year gives both buyer and seller opportunities not found later on.  Enthusiasm not negativity allows both to recognize this.

If this is the right time for you to make a move, don’t let negative thinking stop you.  The bottom line is that there is no perfect day or time – the right time is when you decide to move.



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