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Bergen CountyTake a look at Bergen County. Whether you live here, are visiting or want to move here, there’s a lot to know about Bergen County. We begin with basic statistics:


  • 939,151 people live here.
  • The median age is 41.5 years
  • 52% are female and 48% are male
  • 54% are married, 30% are single, 16% are divorced or surviving spouses

We are the most populous county in New Jersey.  Because Bergen County is 233.1 square miles in size, it is also the most densely populated county.  4,030 people live here in each square mile.

Ethnic Makeup

  • 57% White
  • 19% Hispanic
  • 17% Asian
  • 7% Black

Diversity rules here and increases every year.  Because we are so highly diverse this is a dynamic multi faceted place.  Go to Wikipedia to find an amazing breakdown of the varied backgrounds living here.


  • Median Household Income is $93,683
  • Average Household Income with Children is $113,680
  • Per Capital Income is $44,978

We are the 4th most affluent county of the 21 counties in New Jersey.


  • 24.1% Professional
  • 20% Service Industry
  • 19% Management
  • 16.6% Administrative Support
  • 6.6% Laborer

Public Recreation

  • 15 County Parks Totaling 7,968 Acres
  • 3 State Parks
  • Hundreds of Municipal Parks
  • 6 County Golf Courses
  • 6 County Dog Runs
  • 3 Camping Sites
  • 1 Downhill Skiing Site
  • 1 Swimming Lake
  • 2 Horseback Riding Facilities

When you look at all of these facts, a picture begins to emerge of what Bergen County is like.

This is one of the most affluent areas in the US (ranked the 18th most affluent US county) and also one of the most densely populated with nearly 1 million people.

We are highly educated and have a diverse and balanced employment profile.  Despite the large numbers of people living here, open space is important and there is a thriving parks system.

Because we are highly educated, we appreciate our local schools and parent involvement is high.  As a result, Bergen County is renown for its high scoring school districts.  In addition our county run school system is outstanding with its varied disciplined Academy System.

When you put all of this together with a location that is on top of Manhattan (we’re on the other side of the Hudson River from NYC), it is no wonder that Bergen County is one of the most sought after locations in the New York metropolitan area and that real estate here has always done better in holding its value.

I used the US Census and Wikipedia for this information as well as the County website..  Want a personal tour of Bergen County or have more questions?  Just let me know.

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