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home inspectorThe value of a good home inspector cannot be understated. Home inspectors give you much more than an evaluation of a house.  You learn how to care for your new home because this is also part of your inspection.

A great home inspector teaches you how to manage the maintenance of your house.  The information you get is extremely important.  A good example is how to maintain your furnace.  Hot air systems have filters.  Steam furnaces need water.  Hot water furnaces need other things.  Outside maintenance is important too.  Cleaning gutters, keeping shrubs and branches off the house, grading the property to keep water away are all essential items.

Home inspections are learning experiences as well as evaluations of condition.  As a result, I recommend to all my clients that they take notes to refer back to in the future.  They can always call me for help and good inspectors are always available.

The value of a good home inspector is financial too because you can unknowingly buy a huge condition problem along with the house.  Let me give you some recent examples.

A garage had dropped 1-1.5 inches.  If you looked at it, you would never know.  This garage had sheetrocked walls.  There were no cracks anywhere.  The garage door worked perfectly.  The door to the yard on the back wall worked perfectly.  Because neither I nor my buyers are engineers, we could not tell.  home inspector

Sung Y “Sean” Lee of Prime Choice Inspection LLC found it.  Termites had eaten away the bottom sill plate so the garage had dropped, Sean said, probably about 1 inch or slightly over 1 inch.  Because the garage was attached, it had a common wall to the house.  Obviously this was a problem.  On another inspection Sean found that there was a serious structural defect.

Again, it wasn’t something you or I would find.  This time it had to do with the foundation.  Because foundation problems often present with uneven floors, there was no indication.  The house had straight floors and walls, no cracks, no signs of shifting due to a foundation problem.  As a result, we had no idea but Sean found it and explained how to fix it.

Craig Sharf of Home Team Inspection Service found a problem in a fireplace chimney and urged my buyers to get a Level 2 chimney inspection done.  His suspected that the entire chimney needed to be rebuilt.  After the chimney specialist came and did the Level 2 inspection, he confirmed Craig’s suspicions.  In another home Craig advised the buyers to have the entire home re-wired because he found that it had the potential for an electrical fire.  Again, Craig was right – they called in an electrician who confirmed that the house was running on old knob and tube wiring.  Most definitely a major fire hazard.  home inspector

No home is perfect.  Craig found on a new high end home that the roofing substructure hadn’t been properly installed.  We had the builder come back and fix it.  We called Craig back to check it and after he determined everything was fine my buyers closed on the house.

Because my buyers used these great home inspectors they were able to avoid major problems.  As a result, they saved themselves from heartache and significant expense.  No doubt about it – the value of a good home inspector cannot be understated.

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